Truck refrigeration units, bus air conditioning system
  • bus a/c compressor magnetic clutch

Magnetic Clutch, Clutch Coil - Bus AC Compressor Clutch

  • Name: • Magnetic Clutch on Bus ac Compressor
  • Warranty: • 2 Years
  • Application: • BK,BZR, TM, TK
  • Quality: • TK, Valeo(TM) OEM Factory
  • Spare Parts: • Compressor clutch coil, compressor clutch separately to buy

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Magnetic Clutch, Clutch Coil - Bus AC Compressor Clutch

 Why Buy Compressor Magnetic Clutch - Bus Air Conditioning 

Magnetic Clutch is the main spare parts on bus air conditioner Compressor, in order to improve our clients’ satisfaction, and have a best experience in Guchen’s bus air conditioning system, we provides various magnetic clutch to extent the Bitzer 4N/4P, Bock FK40 50, Valeo TM compressor service life, and reduce your bus aircon after service maintenance costs.

Why Buy bus ac compressor Clutch From Guchen Company ?

1. We are the only Thermo King / Valeo (TM series bus aircon Compressor) OEM clutch supplier in China 
2. Two years Warranty
3.  Our Clutches are widely used to install on the BK, BZR, TM, TK Compressor

Types of Magnetic Clutch on bus ac compressor

Guchen’s Clutch also called bus air conditioner compressor clutch, the popular model generally included :
→   2A2B 260*210   bus compressor Clutch
→   2A2B 235*210   bus air conditioning Clutch
→   10PK180   Clutch air conditioner compressor
→   2B 210   bus air conditioning compressor Clutch
→   2B 220   bis air compressor Clutch

User Benefits of Guchen’s bus air conditioner Compressor Clutch

√   High quality, long service life.
√   2 year warranty for all of Guchen’s Magnetic clutch
√   Clutch pulley and coil is optional
√   Achieve CE/ISO 9000 international standard.
√   Competitive factory price, low repair bus ac compressor cost. 
√   Buy Compressor clutch coil, compressor clutch separately.

Magnetic Clutch Structure

High quality a/c compressor clutch is composed of clutch coil, clutch pulley, hub. 
Magnetic Clutch  to  bus air condtioner Compressor

GUCHEN’s A/C compressor clutch is Widely install on the various world-tops brand bus aircon Compressor, e.g:
BOCK FK bus air con Compressor  --  (FKX40 390K, 470K, 560K, 655K.)
BITZER 4N/4P/4T/4U bus ac compressor (4UFCY, 4TFCY, 4PFCY, 4NFCY)
BOCK FK 50 bus aircon compressor (FKX50 660K, 775K, 830K, 980K)
→    2A2B 280 220
→    2A2B 280/230
VALEO TM bus air conditioner Compressor ( TM43, TM55, TM65 )
→    2B 220 Clutch
→    2B 200 Clutch
→    2A2B 260 200 Clutch
→    2A2B 260 220 Clutch

Application of Magnetic clutch - bus Air conditioner 

Guchen’s compressor clutch is widely application as following:
√  Bus air con parts dealer, 
√  Bus air conditioner factory, 
√  Compressor Clutch OEM service is also available.

Magnetic Clutch - Bus Air Conditioner After Sale Service

If you open a after-sale repair shop for bus air conditioning system, our high quality and affordable magnetic clutch is you best choose.
Magnetic clutch for bus air conditioner compressor

Magnetic clutch is the main part for bus aircon compressor, used to drive Bock, Valeo, Bitzer compressor to produce cooling air by refrigerant physical change and makes bus compartment achieve a comfortable climate, even in the hot summer.

Magnetic Clutch, Clutch Coil - Bus AC Compressor Clutch

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