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GC-08E Minibus/Van Air Conditioner

  • Model: • GC-08E
  • Cooling Capacity: • 8KW / 6,800Kcal/h / 27,200BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • 970×1010×174 mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • 5-6 meter Van or Minibus

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GC-08E Minibus/Van Air Conditioner

Description of GC-08 E Mini Bus Air Conditioning System 

With 8 KW cooling capacity, GC-08 E roof top air conditioner system designed for 5 - 6 m minibuses with up to 16 seats, and this internal air conditioning system suitable for adjusting the inter temperature when people moving in mini bus and midi bus, and continued providing drivers and passengers a moderate climate. GC-08 E minibus air conditioner is powered by vehicle engine, if you need all-electric bus air conditioner in same cooling capacity, please clicking and go on reading, or directly contact us. 

The Characteristics of GC-08E Roof Mounted Mini Bus Air Conditioner 

● Available in both heating and cooling
● Roof mounted Air Conditioning system is designed for minibuses up ( or larger cabs ) to 16 seats.
● Original Valeo TM-16 compressor up to 163cc to maximum cooling.
● Aerodynamic design, roof top mounted, not more than 18 cm compare with the mini bus height, and the air resistance and fuel consumption down to a minimum.
● Manual / automatic control mode, simple operate, easily using.
● D-LFThousing with good heating insulation and anti-aging properties.
● Internal screw thread copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins making cooling performance optimized.
● Diversity of configurations to meet different needs and superiority in cost-effectiveness. 
● Easily and quickly fitted rooftop minibus air conditioner system
Assembled condenser (front) and evaporator (rear) assemble in one unit, then installed unit on the roof of the mini bus / small bus, next then, compressor is connected to the vehicle engine, last steps, the minibus air conditioner was driven by the engine via compressor.


Mini Bus Air Conditioner Assembly



mini bus air conditioner structure
1. Condenser Coil   2. Filter Drier   3. Small Bus Air Conditioner Housing   4. Wire Assembly   5. Evaporator Coil   6. Copper Pipe  7. Evaporator Blower   


Mini Bus Air Conditioner for Sales

Need to buy the air conditioning system for cooling your mini bus, van.
● Please ensuring how much the volume of your van / minibus, or how many seats are your van / mini bus have? 
● Please tell us your local ambient temperature, if it is more than 30℃ or have some hot desert weather, we will recommend a more suitable air conditioning system for you, in order to make sure you have the best profit of the minibus air conditioner.
● Roof top small bus cooling system for sales, split small bus cooling system is also can be made.

GC-08E Minibus/Van Air Conditioner



Cooling Capacity

8 KW / 6,800 Kcal/h / 27,200 BTU

Refrigerant / Volume

R134a /



Valeo TM16


163 cc


7.1 kg

Oil Type




Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

Air Flow

900 m3/h

Blower Type

Double axle centrifugal flow

No. of Blower

1 piece





Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

Air Flow

1,800 m3/h

Fan Type

Axial type

No. of Fan

2 pcs



Total Current

< 20A

Weight of Rooftop Unit



5-6 meter Van or Minibus

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