How to select a refrigeration unit



How to select a Truck refrigeration unit

What sort of informations are required to make the right selection?

Selecting a refrigeration unit depends on many factors (see below).

Users are therefore recommended to read all the chapters in this manual before selecting their refrigeration unit.

All these info should be provided before ordering the unit:

v  Interior and exterior length of the body,

v  Interior and exterior width of the body,

v  Interior and exterior height of the body,

v  K factor of the body

v  Configuration of the box

v  Partition (mobile or fixed)

v  Evaporator position

v  Number of door opening

v  Ambient temperature,

       v  Temperature required inside compartments,

       v  Products to be transported,

       v  Road operation and / or standby operation,

       v  Type of use (long distance, local distribution, etc.),
                          Other useful information.

                           For engine driven units*, it is also necessary to provide
                           following information                                                                                                        to select appropriate accessories to drive our units:

                    v  Vehicle battery voltage (12V or 24V),

                    v  Air Conditioning (AC) or not,

v  Alternator amperage,

v  Type of engine,

v  Engine displacement,Other useful information.Our technicians are at your disposal to assist you in selecting a unit which corresponds to your customer’s requirements.


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