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Driven Type:
Engine Direct Driven
rooftop mounted, rear mounted and built-in mounted
6-18 m bus, shuttle fleet, double-decker bus, transit and coach applications.

Bus Air Conditioning System for People Road Transportation

Want to make the passenger compartment have a comfy climate when the passenger in their journey to destination? The first thing to do is to equip your bus applications with high performance bus HVAC systems.

Guchen Industry, as the largest bus AC manufacturer in China, would like to give a brief introduction on our traditional bus HVAC systems. It is also a product buying guide for all bus body builders/worldwide bus makers.

What We Provide?

Premium Quality Bus AC Units Integrated with Heating and Air-conditioning Functions
Rooftop Bus Air Conditioning ( 7m-18m bus ), Rear Mounted Bus Air Conditioning, Minibus Air Conditioning ( 5.5m-7m bus ), Sub-engine Bus HVAC solutions
Bus Air Conditioning Parts: Compressor (Bock, Valeo, Bizter), Magnetic Clutch, Evaporator Blower, Condenser Fan, Expansion Valve, Air Purifiers, Control Panel etc.)

Integrated Roof Top HVAC System

Bus Roof HVAC units are installed on the rooftop of the bus applications, coach, school bus and other transit applications. Rooftop unit is the most popular AC system nowadays, powered by the vehicle engine directly. Bus rooftop air conditioners improve the overall apprearance, and further expand the interior space of buses. Moreover, they are more conducive to dissipate heat and circulate the natural air in the bus, thus effectively reduce interior passenger compartment temperature.

At Guchen Industry, there are 3 popular rooftop models sold in the market now: BD series, PD series and SD series.


A Wide Selection of Bus Air Conditioners

SD Series BRT City Bus Air Conditioner
Guchen SD bus air conditioners are actually an upgraded product based on BD and PD series. It integrates all top-picks of other models, being a product with the highest cost performance.
SD bus AC units adopt double return air system, so it is the best purchase for CNG or LNG buses, and Hybrid buses, the rooftop of which has a Gas Bag.
The great features of SD series, such as short in length and compact in design, make it easier to install the complete a/c system on those kinds of bus applications.

PD Series Bus / Coach Air Conditioner
PD series city bus air conditioners adopt front windward design, greatly reducing the whole unit weight. The reasonable design enables the condenser more easier to dissipate heat,  ensuring the cooling performance up to the best.

PD series bus ac systems
BD Series City Bus Air Conditioner
Compared with other bus air conditioner models, BD series has a larger cooling capacity, also a greater dimensions. We are now offer BD-01, BD-03, BD-04, BD-05, and BD-06 models. They can cover a wide range of bus/coach applications, from 7m to 13m. The cooling capacity varies from 18KW to 32KW, which will fulfill the cooling requirement of almost all bus factories.

BD Series bus air conditioning system
Integrated Heating and Air-conditioning System
All the above-mentioned information are actually the most common and standard features of Guchen Roof top Bus AC System.

If you are looking for a coherent and efficient climate control solution which integrates the heating and air-conditioning, we have you covered!
Roof top Inter-city Bus Air Conditioning System
With Heating Function

Whether you need the water heat system, or an additional heating device, Guchen Industry can meet all your demands.
◆ Water heat system was powered by engine coolant,
◆ and the additional heating device is powered by oil. It is mainly used in extremely cold regions (the local temperature below -30 ℃).
Built-in Bus Air Conditioning

Need built-in air-conditioning for your buses? Guchen Industry is looking forward to cooperate with more and more bus factories/manufacturers, and to offer more customized services.
GD Series Rear Mounted Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner
If you have some double deck buses, the GD rooftop mounted bus air conditioning can not uniform cooling the passenger compartment, and the rear mounted bus air conditioning is the right device simultaneously, and evenly to cool the two-passenger compartment, no temperature difference, no increase in the height of the buses.

double decker bus air conditioner
Minibus/Van Air Conditioner ( 5.5m-7m Small bus )
A complete range of mini bus HVAC system for small and medium sized buses and vans, which the internal of the bus up to 16 seats. This units is also belong to overall roof mount air conditioner. Easy to install, and high cooling capacity.

minibus air conditioner
DD Series Sub-engine Bus HVAC Systems
DD Series bus a/c unit is an independent system. For Guchen conventional bus air conditioner series, they all can equipped with a sub-engine, refer to independent powerplant, in order to drive the bus air conditioning system, and to ensure the air conditioning be able to work properly, especially when the vehicle engine does not have enough power to drive the air conditioning to work.

sub-engine bus HVAC systems
Bus Air Conditioning Parts
For bus air conditioner after-sales service, we supply a complete range of high quality bus HVAC parts inventory for long time, even more than 20 years after you buy Guchen’s bus climate products.
Bus air conditioning compressor,condenser fan, evaporator blower, compressor magnetic clutch ( included its magnetic coil ), even including other refrigeration spare parts, such as filter dryer, expansion valve, sight glass, etc.
Whatever the condenser coil using Micro-channel Heat Exchanger, internal screw thread copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins, or aluminum tubes Al-fins, we all meet your actual demands.

bus air conditioning parts
Why Choose Guchen Bus Air Conditioner?
 ● High production capacity, timely delivery. Guchen bus air conditioner is mainly provided to Yutong bus factory ( the leading bus manufacturer in China ), every year we will supply over 50,000 units of air conditioning to meet their buses demand.

● 2 years warranty, and 1-2 years Extended Warranty on any bus air conditioning unit is available upon request.

● Using Eco-friendly materials and health technology. R134a Refrigerant, housing uses LFT-D / aluminum profile recycled materials, Eco-friendly Heat preservation and filter material, intelligent Fresh Air System and noise reduction device.

● Quality assurance, adopts using world top brand parts and all bus air conditioner unit has passed international CE /ISO9001/TS16949/QS9000 certificate and meet the E-mark standard

As World Leading Bus Air Conditioning Manufacturer, Guchen offers best quality and most efficient multiple unit configurations with the best AC system for your bus, shuttle, transit and coach application.
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As the leading bus air conditioner manufacturer in China

Guchen focused on bus climate control systems over 20 years. Moreover, we provide all technical supports and bus air conditioning installation drawings, 100% FREE! Guchen's bus HVAC with advantages of excellent quality, competitive price, good reputation, and we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you ! Guchen offers a full range of bus air conditioning solutions for your shuttle fleet, double-decker bus, transit and coach applications.
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