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Battery Thermal Management System

TBTM-4 Battery Thermal Management System for Ligth Truck

Product Name:
Front Mounted
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Throttle Valve:
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Ligth Truck

TBTM-4 Battery Thermal Management System Introduction

A battery thermal management system (BTMS) is a set of components and processes that are designed to regulate the temperature of batteries in order to improve their performance and ensure their safety.

A typical BTMS consists of several components, including sensors, controllers, heating and cooling systems, and insulation materials. The sensors are used to monitor the temperature of the battery cells, while the controllers use this information to adjust the temperature through the heating or cooling systems.

There are different types of BTMSs depending on the specific application and requirements. For example, in a light truck, a BTMS might use liquid cooling or air cooling to regulate the temperature of the battery pack. In stationary energy storage systems, a BTMS might use phase change materials or thermal insulation to maintain the battery temperature within a specified range.

The purpose of a BTMS is to optimize the performance of the battery and ensure its safety. By regulating the temperature, the BTMS can help to extend the lifespan of the battery, improve its energy efficiency, and prevent thermal runaway or other safety hazards.

Battery Thermal Management System Solution

✔ The air-conditioning side and the battery thermal management side share compressors, condensers and other components;
✔ Two sets of evaporation systems are used for cockpit air conditioning and power battery side temperature regulation respectively;
✔ The battery side adopts the liquid cooling mode of secondary heat exchange;

Battery Thermal Management System Parameters

Item TBTM-4
Cooling Capacity-cabin 4kw
Heating Capacity-cabin 5kw(Air Heating PTC, Power Adjustable)
Cooling Capacity-battery 2kw(Both ),2.8kw(Separate)
High Voltage Supply(VDC) 380(315-460),480(380-570),
Power Consumption for Compressor  2.5kw
Low Voltage Supply DC 24V(DC 18V-DC 32V )
Power Consumption for Pump 120w
Control Power Supply  DC 24V(DC 18V-DC 32V )
Power Consumption for Controller 30W
Protection Lever IP67
Working Temp of the Unit -10℃~50℃(Cooling)
-40℃~30℃(Heating )
Coolant Type 50%VV Ethylene Glycol Aqueous Solution
Refrigerant  R134a
Throttle Valve TXV,EXV
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