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  • Guchen Ecooler 12 Volt electric air conditioner for truck cab
  • Guchen Ecooler 12 Volt electric air conditioner for truck cab
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Ecooler 12v/24v DC Powered Air Conditioner

  • Product Name: • DC powered air conditioner Ecooler 2400/3200
  • Driven Type: • Battery Powered Driven
  • Installation: • Roof top Mounted
  • Refrigerant : • R134a/330g-Ecooler 2400 R134a/540g-Ecooler 3200
  • Application: • All trucks,tractors,construction machinery,RV etc.

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Description of Ecooler 12 Volt Air Conditioner for Truck Cab 

Guchen Industry as the leading bus HVAC manufacturer and supplier in China is always devoted to solving customers’ HVAC problems. We not only supply the bus air conditioner, but also can help customers solve the truck HVAC problems. We designed our Ecooler series air conditioners for truck cabin.

Guchen Ecooler air conditioners include Ecooler 2400 and Ecooler 3200, their cooling capacity is 2400W and 3200W respectively. Both are integrated (one-piece) rooftop mounted, DC powered 12 volt or 24 volt, R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant. It usually applies on:

▲ All kinds of truck cabins
▲ Mining trucks
Construction machinery, such as excavators
▲ RV, vans, minibus  
▲ Agricultural machineries, tractors 

Features of Ecooler 2400 Truck Cab Air Conditioner

◆ Saving 3000 Gallon Fuel per Year
The Ecooler truck cab air conditioner is battery powered aircon. Compared with vehicle engine truck cab air conditioner, it can save more fuel per year.

◆ Continues Cooling during Engine off
Guchen Ecooler 12 volt truck cab air conditioner for trailer (or 24 volt) is also called as No Idle truck ac or no idle air conditioner. It means that when truck engine stops, but cooling can continue!

◆ Dismountable Filter Screen in Return Air Inlet
Guchen Ecooler electric air conditioner for truck cab has a dismountable filter screen in return air inlet, so you can clean it regularly in case the dust blocking return air inlet. So it is a very convenient design for users, who can clean it for more fresh cool air.

◆ Fresh air system
The Ecooler 12 volt air conditioner (or 24 volt) installs the fresh air system, so it can keep air fresh in cab.


◆ Small Size and Light Weight
The Ecooler electric air conditioner for cars (or 12 volt) only takes up to 0.1 m³, and saving space much more.

◆ No noise
There are very little shock for the Ecooler truck cab air conditioners and no noise, which gives the truck driver a pleasant condition.

◆ Easy to install
Guchen can supply the detailed and simple installation manual for customers. And the Ecooler no idle truck ac is very easy to install, even for those who have no idea on how to install it can install it on the truck cab easily.

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Application of Ecooler 2400 Truck Cab Air Conditioner

Guchen Ecooler DC series truck cabin air conditioners can apply on all of truck cabins, excavators, tractors, agricultural machinery…
Install on Truck Cabins

Ecooler2400 truck cab air conditioners to Australia

Here is Guchen Ecooler 2400 electric truck cab air conditioners install on the roof top of truck cabins, working well, very cool air!

Install on excavator cabins 

excavator air conditioner guchen industry

Here is Guchen E-cooler 2400 24 volt air conditioner applies on the excavator in Mexico. Guchen customer, Mr. Aaron as a heavy duty truck rental company is very satisfied with this model of air conditioner. The local ambient temperature is up to 40℃+, and the air conditioner blow the cool air with a high performance.   

Install on Mining Truck Cabins

mining truck cabin air conditioner guchen industry

Here is Guchen Ecooler 2400 truck cabin air conditioner apply on the mining trucks in Iran, with the fresh air system and dismountable filter screen in return air inlet, it is very suitable for the mining trucks, customers can cleab tge ubket screeb very convenient, so it will not block the air inlet, and also the fresh air system can keep the air fresh in the truck cabin. 

Install on Small RV Vans 

small rv air conditioner guchen industry

Here is Guchen Ecooler 3200 air conditioner applies on the small RV (or vans), it connect 24 volt DC powered battery, and 3200W cooling capacity,  the condenser is on the roof top of RV, evaporator is in the inner side of RV for blowing cool air. Another advantage is that it is very easy to install for electric air conditioners, so customers can install it quickly and easily. 

Install on harvester truck cabins 


What can We Offer to Customers? 

◆ GUCHEN is specialized in exporting Bus Air Conditioner for more than 20 years.

◆ GUCHEN has famous bus air conditioner parts suppliers, such as Bock, Bitzer and Valeo, which can offer customers’ a high quality products and assurance.

◆ 2 years after sales service

◆ 20, 0000 km journey guarantee

◆ Spare parts free change in 2 years

◆ 7*24h after sales online chatting

◆ Our experienced technicians and design engineers are capable of analyzing client’s needs and designing the most suitable plant configuration to satisfy the project specifications.

Guchen Ecooler 2400/3200 Electric Air Conditioner for Truck Cab Specification




Cooling capacity(W)







600W - 860W

760W - 1065W


Brushless Electric scroll compressor

Evaporator blower air vol



Condenser fan air vol












Vehicle Applications

All trucks,tractors,construction machinery etc.

All trucks, RV,van, tractor etc.

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