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Truck Refrigeration Units
Are you looking for a small unit to install on your cargo trailer? Are you interested in chiller unit to maintain food at appropriate temperatures? Would you like to purchase cost-effective transport refrigeration equipment? Guchen Industry has you covered. We supply quality small to large truck refrigeration units, with electric standby options to allow clients to plug the unit in for cooling while the refrigerated vehicle is parked. Curious of the cost and availability? Please feel free to contact Guchen Team at any time!
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A truck refrigeration unit is a refrigeration unit that is installed in the truck bed to reduce the temperature in the truck compartment and maintain a constant temperature. Therefore, the truck refrigeration unit has the characteristics of freshness preservation, temperature control, energy saving, and convenience. Truck refrigeration units play a very important role in the transportation of goods that need to be refrigerated, ensuring the integrity of the entire cold chain.

According to the driving mode, the carrier truck refrigeration unit can be divided into three driving modes: electric drive, direct drive, and diesel drive. Among them, the electric drive and diesel drive are independent refrigeration units, which can be driven without relying on the energy of the vehicle itself.

Box truck refrigeration unit work by compressing lower-pressure steam into higher-pressure steam, reducing the volume of the steam and increasing the pressure. The compressor sucks the lower-pressure steam from the evaporator, raises its pressure, and sends it to the condenser, where it is condensed into a higher-pressure liquid, which becomes a lower-pressure liquid after being throttled by the throttle valve. After the liquid is sent to the evaporator, it absorbs heat and evaporates in the evaporator to become steam with a lower pressure, and then sends it to the inlet of the compressor to complete the refrigeration cycle.

The semi-truck refrigeration unit can provide the required temperature for fresh food, frozen food, medicine, biological products, chemical products, and other products that need to be stored in a refrigerated environment to meet the needs of the entire transportation process.

The best truck refrigeration unit manufacturer Guchen can provide customers with 12v truck refrigeration unit and 24v truck refrigeration unit, and can provide customers with customized transport refrigeration unit needs.
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