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TR-760 Transport Refrigeration Units

  • Product Name: • Truck Refrigeration Unit TR-760
  • Driven Type: • Direct Engine Driven
  • Condenser Installation: • Front or Under Mounted
  • Controller: • Digital, in Cab
  • Application: • 35~45m³ truck body

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TR-760 Transport Refrigeration Units
TR-760 transport refrigeration units also called transport temperature control system, temperature control units, is direct-drive by vehicle engine, its condenser mainly located in the front of the refrigerated body, and the evaporator installed inside the refrigerated body which the container volume of 35~45m³, in order to control its temperature when the refrigerated van & truck transport the perishable cargo. The truck refrigeration unit is perfect solution the cold chain monitoring problem and facilitate the development of cold chain transport and protect our global raw & fresh food supply.
Famous Brand Key Components of TR-760 Transport Refrigeration Unit  
main sparts of 760-transport refrigeration units

1. Span Fan   2. Castel Solenoid Valve   3. Danfoss Filter Driver   4. Danfoss Expansion Valve    5. CPR Valve    6. Sight Glass    7. Control Panel
Feature of Transport Refrigeration Units  
● The cooling capacity of transport refrigeration unit up to 8403 Kcal, 24600BTU ( 0℃ or +32℉); 4489Kcal, 13100BTU (-0.4℉ ~ +86℉).
● Advanced technology
● R404A Eco-friendly refrigerant
● Integrated evaporator adopts the axial-flow fan, larger air flow; 
● Evaporator Using inter-grooved copper tube, perfect cooling performance.
● High-quality and durable temperature control units.
● The best air circulation inside the refrigerated body.
● Hot-gas defrost system with defrost temperature controller is safe and fast ( Auto/Manual ), and reliable to keep the quality of the cargo.
● Easy to maintain, including the auto-detecting system and dismantle structure
● HP/LP protection device of the transport refrigeration units.
● Option: heating system, data logger, standby motor.
● International certifications ISO9001/TS16949CE/ATP, etc.
Parts and After-sales Service Support Keep Transport Refrigeration Units Moving
Guchen providing the all the transport refrigeration unit parts and 12 mouths warranty in the global market, including the related service support needed to keep our client moving across road around the world.
 TR-760 Transport Refrigeration Unit with its evaporator and condenser are mounted on cold chain transport trucks
TR-760 Transport Refrigeration Unit with evaporator and condenser mounted on cold chain transport trucks
Main Application of Transport Refrigeration Units
This transport refrigeration unit is widely used in truck body builder, refrigerated truck body builder, cold chain transport industry, cold chain transport factory, van & truck refrigeration units agent. 
transport refrigeration units for refrigerated trucks/ vans in Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring
Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring and Logistics Security of Transport Refrigeration Unit 
TR-760 transport refrigeration unit designed to help monitor and manage the cold chain transport, it is widely used for transport of milk, ice cream, frozen food, deep-frozen food, raw agricultural products and other related industries requiring temperature control, including pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and biologics.
TR-760 transport refrigeration unit offers full-service supply chain visibility solution that provide completely transparent shipping process from original loading place to unloading destination, in order to minimize product loss, protect cargo integrity, and mitigate the risks associated with cargo distribution. Such as misappropriate, theft, forgery.
As the professional Transport Refrigeration Units manufacturer in China, Guchen Industry has been in business since 1997 providing customers with affordable, quality Transport Refrigeration Unit Solutions. This transport temperature control system have lower fuel consumption and longer maintenance intervals, and our knowledgeable sales staff is available to help you with all your cold chain transport needs
TR 760 Transport Refrigeration Units for Sale Video



Temperature Range(In Container)

-18℃ ~ +30℃ (-0.4℉ ~ +86℉)

Cooling Capacity


7225W /8403Kcal /24600BTU

-18℃( -0.4℉)

3860W / 4489Kcal /13100 BTU










Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils


Centrifugal fans


1456×540×505 mm





Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube


Axial flow blowers

Air flow



1224×555×278 mm




DC12V / DC24V




Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)



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