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Looking for Vehicle Reefer Suppliers? Here has the Best Cooperation Partners Waiting for You!

Aug 08, 2016
Looking for vehicle reefer suppliers? Come to join us! Here has the best cooperation partners waiting for you!

Here let’s see how Guchen’s agent clients comment on this cooperation and how Guchen Industry helps the clients on their business.

Case 1: 

MR. Chery, a local truck reefer unit agent in Africa ordered 10 sets of truck reefer units for his customers!



MR. Chery as a local transport refrigeration units agent from Africa find Guchen Industry and ordered 10 sets of Truck Chiller Units to sell to the local greengrocers. Then he comes to China to visit our factory, plans to order another 10 sets of truck refrigeration units for his customers.

He said that the Guchen’s Super Snow Vehicle Refrigeration Units have the same level quality with Theme king and Carrier, but the prices are more affordable for him, and it brings him huge extra profits.


Case 2: 

Mr. Rami from Middle East ordered 42 sets of truck reefer units for his truck body factory!

Mr. Rami ordered 42 sets of truck reefer units included in TR-600 high temperature resisting units for their truck body factory!

Received his feedbacks from Saudi Arabia, he said that the TR-600 vehicle refrigeration units are so great running in their hottest city, and he is never worried about the high ambient temperature will destroy the units!

Customers come to visit guchen truck reefer units’ factory

Photo: Customers come to visit guchen reefer units’ factory


Case 3:

Mr. Satya from New Zealand with 20 years’ experience in cold-chain transportation ordered 5 sets of sample products to test market!

When Mr. Satya came to Guchen Industry, our boss Mr. Gao is so glad to welcome him because of they has so many common words and have a great talk with each other. Guchen’s founder, Mr.Gao, has the over 30 years’ experience in vehicles, cold-chain logistics and transportations.

After visiting Guchen Vehicle Reefer Units Factory, Mr. Satya is ordered 5 sets of truck reefer units as sample orders to test market.


Case 4:

Mr. Louris from Africa ordered 20 sets of cargo van refrigeration units for his vehicle body builder company!

Mr. Louris is working in a vehicle body builder company, ordered 20 sets of refrigeration units and mounted on the vans.


Case 5:

Mr. Daniel from Central America ordered 3 diesel engine driven truck reefer units for his meat transport company!

How big broad in Central America! So as for Mr. Daniel, the long-distance transportation is his the first account to take into his mind.

The diesel engine driven truck reefer units are the best choice, with its independent performance and with standby system, he never worried about the truck will stop on the half road, and the meat will be keep safe and frozen!

Mr. Daniel sending the truck reefer units picture mounted in his trucks

Photo: Mr. Daniel sending the truck reefer units picture mounted in his trucks

Case 6:

Mr. James from Europe ordered 50 sets of electric van refrigeration units for his cold-chain logistics company!

Mr. James said that the 50 sets of refrigeration units has mounted on the vans, and it sells so good, most of his customers use the cargo van reefer units to in-city transportation.

Case 7:

Mr. Luke from Australia ordered 10 sets of electric cargo van refrigeration units for his flower marketing!

Based on solving the problems of no space to installing the compressor, we recommend the electric cargo van reefer units, which the compressor is in the condenser, so cargo van drivers don’t need to consider whether there is a space for installing in compressor.


Case 8:

Mr. Lake from Thailand ordered 5 pickup truck reefer units for his refrigerated truck hire company!


Pickup trucks are so popular in Thailand, so Guchen Industry designs the special reefer units for the pickup trucks to meet different demands.

When Mr. Lake said that he wants to order some units mounted in pickup trucks, we recommend the small pickup reefer units, which is specialized and designed for pickup trucks and has high temperature resisting performance in Thailand.

Finally Mr. Lake ordered 5 small reefer units for his pickup truck hire company.

Pickup truck reefer units for our Thailand client

PHOTO: Pickup truck reefer units for our Thailand clients

From now on at 2016, Guchen has established a good relationship with our clients; we have cooperated with so many clients from all over the world and achieve the win-win goals with our clients.

After seeing the above cases, what is your problem? Come on to write us, and we are glad to help you solve the problems.

Remember this: win-win idea is our first step to pursuit!
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