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Top 4 Amazing Advantages of Guchen New Energy Bus HVAC Systems

Feb 21, 2022
Search interest for Olectra Greentech
Bus electrification has been a global trends as zero-emission buses help us reduce carbon emissions, tackle climate change and create a quieter ride for passengers.
Seeing from the above chart, we can see that there was a surging global search interest for Olectra Greentech (the largest manufacturer of electric buses in India) in the past several years. This shows, from one aspect, that global concerns about “green recovery” for public transport have risen significantly since 2018.
Government, like China, UK, is seeking to accelerate the development of this emerging industry, and promote the use of zero emission buses in public transportation.

As the pace of transforming public transport in cities into electric transport continues at a higher rate, focus of e-bus manufacturers on selecting better efficiency bus HVAC systems are increasing. Guchen Industry is pleased to introduce our new all-electric bus air conditioners.
green city transportation

Here are the top 4 amazing benefits of Guchen pure electric bus air conditioning units


1. Environmentally Clean

Decarbonizing transport was a hot topic in recent years. Electric buses have long been recognized as the leader in greenhouse gas reduction. E-bus air conditioner operates with 100% electricity. With the zero-emission drive, each electric bus air conditioner helps the local government prevent the annual emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gas, keeping the riders healthier.
Guchen Industry has built a proud history of embracing sustainability and green manufacturing in both zero-emission bus HVAC systems and electric automotive ac compressors. Let’s build a clean air future TOGETHER.

Guchen ES-06 electric bus ac

2. Whisper Quiet

Guchen units have the lowest industry noise levels. The novel electric bus air conditioning systems have been designed with the noise reduction in mind - comprising with whisper quiet electric motor, DC brushless fan, improved shell insulation and NVH materials.
Equipped with Guchen’s environmentally-friendly and silent electric bus air conditioner, the zero emission buses will operate silently (50% quieter than a standard bus) and efficiently on a much lower level of noise, thereby immediately improving the ride quality of public transport, and providing a smoother, quieter bus ride on urban life.
This benefit is particularly exciting to anyone who rides the bus or next to a bus route.

3. Double Return Air System

What is a double return air system: the return air is accomplished through a dual duct system.
Compared with single return air system, dual system can provide heating & cooling simultaneously, and eliminate reheat load, being a much more energy-saving system. Guchen HVAC for full electric buses adopts double air duct system. On the one hand, it greatly conserves energy; on the other hand, it highly improves the cooling efficiency in hot summer days.
The system is well suited for controlling temperature of bus passenger compartment. For new energy bus makers who are dedicated to provide a pleasant riding environment for the drivers and passengers, the dual duct E-bus AC units should be the firm choice, without the least hesitation.

electric bus

4. Fresh Air Supply

Guchen electric bus HVAC systems are designed with fresh air system, to increase fresh air supply and improve air ventilation of closed passenger areas.
Fresh air system contributes to the reduction of potential airborne transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses. The novel system is able to more efficiently manage the ventilation flowrate. Furthermore, it is lately optimized to achieve balance between comfort, energy efficiency and ventilation, while also positively impact the battery electric bus driving range.

See more detailed info. on fresh air system here:
Fresh Air Setting in Guchen Bus Air Conditioner, Its Function and Benefits

Guchen electric bus air conditioners can be used in both bus & coach air conditioning as well as battery thermal management. They are especially favored by electric bus manufacturers in India, South-east Asia, North American, and some EU countries. They are used extensively in 6m-7m E-bus (ED-03 unit), 7m-8.5m new energy bus (ES-04 model), 8.5m-9m electric bus (ES-05 unit) and 10m-12m electric coach bus (ES-06 model). To request for quotes online, send an email to Guchen Industry at
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