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What are the Modern Features of Guchen Bus Air Conditioners?

Jan 17, 2022
features of guchen air conditioner
Air conditioning creates a proper temperature environment in the bus saloon. Living in the age of COVID-19, HVAC system in the bus should be kept on to provide sufficient fresh air and proper air circulation for passengers on board. In such an enclosed space, it requires a high performance and reliable HVAC equipment to ensure a uniform air flow for everyone in the bus compartment. Today’s bus air conditioners have many features designed to ensure passengers arrive at their destination in comfort.
Guchen Industry is committed to manufacture and export quality transport HVAC systems to the public. Here we would like to detail all the modern features of Guchen bus air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. Global Bus manufacturers/factories will learn more about the top picks and advantages of Guchen systems after reading the post.
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Modern Features of Guchen Bus HVAC Systems

Guchen’s efficient bus a/c systems extend beyond cooling and offer a range of other modern features to improve thermal comfort and air quality year-round.
Guchen air conditioner for sale

1. Automatic Climate Control with CAN

Guchen Industry’s CAN bus mastering technology has completely independent intellectual property rights. It can be connected to the vehicle CAN bus network, to centralize the management of the temperature. In the bus air conditioning CAN control system, electronic control units (ECU) transfer data to each other via the internal Bus, which can achieve information sharing, proper wiring, cost reduction and overall reliability improvement. We can summarize the features of Guchen CAN control system as the following:
◆ The manipulator receives and outputs only digital signals, which greatly improves its service life.
◆ Reducing the number of control wires and electrical interface, thereby greatly reduce risk associated with electrical faults that caused by poor contact of connectors. All the optimized designs make the maintenance of electronic control system simple and easy.
◆ The evaporator fans have 7 different speed levels which is adjusted adopting PWM mode, with more smooth wind flow.
Guchen air conditioner adopts the most advanced intelligent control system, with brighter OLED display screen and graphical touch buttons.
◆ Guchen Industry holds a dominant position in electronic control technology in the bus HVAC industry. 

electric convector for heating the bus compartment

2. Cooling-Heating Integration

In the future, more than 90% of city public transportation buses in the world will be equipped and installed with air conditioning systems. With such a large market volume, bus A/C manufacturers are facing with some essential issues need to be break through. What are the future prospects of bus air conditioning technology?

◆ Fuel Saving: Energy efficient technologies are mainly related to 1) the application of variable displacement compressors, and 2) further development of heat exchangers towards higher performance.

◆ Environment Protection: The development and application of transcritical CO2 vehicle a/c systems.

◆ Intelligence: With the development trends of urban bus ride demands for heating and cooling, the system control is developed towards the direction of intelligent, automatic fine-tuning, and the integration of cooling, heating & ventilation. Single cold type bus ac units cannot satisfy the increasing demands on bus cabin climate comfort anymore. Today’s air conditioning system should be with both cooling and heating mode. 
Guchen air conditioner integrates the air-conditioning, ventilation and heating functions, providing all-year thermal comfort for passengers and drivers, and realizing a coherent climate control in bus cabins.

electric bus air conditioner for bus fleet electrification

3. E-bus AC units for Bus fleet electrification

The pace of city bus fleets electrification (shifting away from diesel buses to zero emission electric buses) is accelerating across the globe. It pushes the air conditioner suppliers to innovate more environment-friendly urban electric bus HVAC system networks. With more than 20 years’ rich experience in bus a/c industry, Guchen Industry is dedicated to providing best solution for sustainable, and zero-emission public transport. The utilization of Guchen electric bus hvac systems further accelerates a net-zero future.
Guchen E-bus AC top 10 picks:
◆ Waterproof IP rating: IP67, 100% protected against water.
◆ Integrated thermal management from battery thermal management to bus cabin air conditioning. The integrated control system is proprietary system.
◆ Advanced LFT housing composites for lightweight a/c system.
◆ Energy saving adaptive PID intelligent frequency. 
◆ PWM excellent stepless speed regulating
◆ Electronic expansion valve is sophisticated designed to precise adjust the temperature.
◆ V-shaped anti-vibration, multiple noise reduction design, quiet and comfortable.
◆ Remote control
◆ Precharge circuit for excellent safety, multi-layer insulation materials for electrical protection.
◆ Guchen all electric HVAC units are applicable to new energy buses: 6m-18m length
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