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Truckers are Pushing for DC 12V 24V Air Conditioning Units

Mar 09, 2022
Europe, US and Australia have implemented Engine Anti-Idling Law to improve air quality. Truckers are looking for a more eco-friendly way to keep their vehicle cool in the summer heat. A solution like this must be fuel-saving and environment-friendly with powerful performance.

DC powered air conditioners emerge as the times require. These kind of electric units were researched and developed for pollutant reduction.

Such unit is usually driven by 12 volt or 24 volt battery. It reduces unnecessary idling, and prevents truck engine from excess wear. So the truckers are pushing for DC air conditioning units which have become widespread in US. There will be more trucker making their move to one in the future.
Ecooler2600 semi truck ac

Ecooler2600 Keeps Truckers Comfortable through the Night

Guchen Industry is the manufacturer for OEM 12v air conditioner for vans and trucks.
Ecooler2600 unit is best for anyone who want to install some air conditioning for their truck cab for sleeping while parked. It can be used as a rear supplemental a/c system for truckers at hot summer nights. Ecooler2600 unit also runs off of DC 12V/24V.
This interesting truck parking cooler is a popular split unit. Its small inside unit has 7 air outlets (360° rotating). The larger outside unit is mounted on the back wall of your truck cabin. The sleeper cab A/C is powerful enough to cool down a hot truck cab, and keep you cool all night in hot summer weather.
Ecooler2600 truck parking cooler installation

Cooling Down a Hot Truck Cab

DC powered air conditioner is really a cost-effective solution for semi-trucks or trailers, without compromising the climate comfort in the vehicle. As such unit becomes more widespread, we will see efficiency start to improve more over time.
Presently, there are a lot more AC choices. Most of them are rooftop mounted, run off of 12 volts or 24 volts DC. Costs vary a lot depending on the manufacturers/suppliers and what model you choose to buy. What should be noticed is that Chinese brand always cost less that others. You can get a 12v rooftop air conditioner for less than $1000 there.
Ecooler2400 12v ac installation

Next, I would like to introduce a great electric truck air conditioner - Guchen Ecooler2400 system.
Ecooler2400 unit is a compact and integrated unit. It is the right size for delivering 2400W cooling capacity to closed areas like truck cabs, vans, excavator and other equipment.
Ecooler2400 is most widely used when the truck is standing, parked, or stopped. It installs on the roof of your truck cab. If you are looking to an energy-efficient electric cooler, Ecooler2400 will be a preferable selection. It would work for 5-8 hours on battery (For a longer time operation, extra batteries are needed).
Ecooler2400 truck air conditioner

PS: If your truck or cargo van has no AC stock and you are trying to figure out a cost-effective way to add AC while driving, Guchen Ecooler2400 can also fit your requirement.

Ecooler2400 Truck AC Installation

Ecooler2400 truck AC installation steps

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