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The Best 12 Volt Aftermarket Air Conditioner for Heavy Equipment in 2022

Mar 18, 2022
As heavy mobile equipment are being used for constructing and maintaining roads, airports and bridges it only makes sense that the machine operator is working in the climate comfortable environment, right?

No-idle Air Conditioning for Heavy Mobile Equipment

Operators usually spend hours with the heavy machinery (like dumper trucks, excavators, scrapers, earthmoving machinery etc.). As summer is just around the corner, air conditioning becomes necessary for heavy equipment operators to stay cool in hot weather conditions.
An effective air conditioning solution will keep the driver productive. More and more operators are seeking for highly efficient AC systems which can be used not only when the vehicle engine is on, but also when equipment idles.
DC (12v/24v) powered air conditioner is considered as the best anti idling solution for heavy equipment in today’s weather conditions. Next, Guchen Industry would like to introduce the top 2 best selling 12 volt aftermarket air conditioners for heavy mobile equipment.
aftermarket air conditioner for heavy equipment

Guchen Ecooler2400 12V DC Air Cooler

Offered in 12V 24V DC
This cooler is a rooftop ac unit that will keep the heavy equipment cabs and control rooms cool. Its indoor evaporator unit is super slim that won’t occupy much space. With 2400w cooling capacity, the cooler no doubtfully works well for bulldozer, wheel loaders, forklifts and other heavy machinery. Its weight is 32kg, 12 volt DC power, widely used in heavy construction industry.


◆ Equipment idling wastes fuel and creates unnecessarily engine wear and is not needed when using Guchen Ecooler2400 12v rooftop air conditioner.
◆ One-year warranty
◆ Operates at 12v 24v dc power.
Strong electric compressor offers quiet, steady and powerful air cooling.
◆ Aesthetically pleasing
◆ Ecooler2400 cooler is fast to cool down a hot control room, and quick to work.
◆ User-friendly design. It is quite easy to operate the cooler.


Guchen Ecooler2400 air conditioner works with 12v outlet that’s compatible with a wide variety of heavy mobile equipment including graders, excavators, scrapers, crane, crawler loaders, wheel loaders, bulldozers, and dumper trucks etc.


Guchen rooftop Ecooler2400 12v air conditioner can be a good idle reduction system. It is a reliable product for operators who are looking for an affordable unit that use while the equipment is parked and not using engine idling.
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