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The Composition of Bus Air Conditioning System

Jan 26, 2015

Bus Air Conditioning System Composition

The bus air conditioning system is mainly composed of refrigerant, compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttling device, auxiliary control components and other components
bus air conditioning refrigerant1. Bus Air Conditioning Refrigerant

Refrigerant, commonly known as cold medium, is one of the working medium in the cooling system, the refrigerant undergoes a change-of–state from a liquid to a gas, realizing the heat exchage and in order to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.


bus air conditioning compressor

2. Bus Air Conditioning Compressor

The compressor is the heart, power component of bus air-conditioning refrigeration plant, in order to compress and transfer refrigerant., there have four kinds of compressor for various bus air conditioning system, such as Bitzer 4Nfcy bus air condtioning compressor, 4PFC bus air condtioning compressor, 4TFC bus air condtioning compressor, 4UFC bus air condtioning compressor, Valeo TM43 compressor and bock compressor



bus air conditioning condenser

3. Bus Air Conditioning Condenser

Condenser is a heat exchanger device. The high temperature and high pressure gas comes from compressor, which through the condenser’s copper tube and aluminum fins transfer the heat energy to the air around the condenser. The function and principle of the condenser is exactly contrary to that of evaporator.

Throttling device of Bus Air conditioning

4. Throttling device of Bus Air-conditioning

Throttling device has a thermal expansion valve, throttling tube and other types, the throttling device is an important component in bus colling device system, it plays a control action, such as throttling, reducing pressure, regulating the flow, prevent “liquid-click” and prevent abnormal overheating.


evaporator of bus air conditioning

5. The Evaporator of Bus Air-conditioning

Evaporator is also a heat exchanger device in bus air conditioner, when the liquid refrigerant evaporates, evaporator uses the low-temperature low-pressure liquid refrigerant which comes from the throttle device to absorb a lot of heat energy, so as to achieve the purpose of the passenger compartment cooling.

diesel driven split truck refrogeration unit
6. Auxiliary and Control Components of Bus Air Conditioning

Bus air conditioning system have a lot of auxiliary parts and control components, including filter drier (also called gas-liquid separator ), control board, a variety of valves, switches, pipes, sight glass, various indicators, control instruments and so on, they provide the necessary conditions for the system to work properly

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