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bock compressor
bock FK40 compressor for bus ac
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Bock Compressor (FK40, FK50)

Bock Compressor FK40, FK50
Swept Volume(cm³):
From 385 to 976
Bock Compressor Clutch:
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Bock Compressor Parts:
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Bus Air Conditioner, Engine Driven Truck Refrigeration Unit

Original Imported Bock Compressor - Bus Air conditioning Parts

Bock compressor FK 40, FK50 is the key spare parts in Guchen's bus air conditioning system, which used to install on bus (which the bus’s length more than 7 m ).

As the general agent of bock compressor suppliers in north China, ( clicked the blue font to view certificate of Bock compressor sales representative) 

Spare Parts of Bock FK40 FK50 Bus A/C Compressor

In order to provide better after-sale services for Guchen bus aircon system, we also provide all kinds of the original bock fk40 parts, bock fk50 compressor parts.
bock compressor parts - fk40 fk50bock compressor spare parts - fk40, fk50
Bock compressor parts are on hot sale
1 Discharge shut-off 10 Baseplate
2 Valve plate 11 Connection for heat protection thermostat
3 Cylinder cover 12 Oil filling plug
4 Compressor casing 13 Sight glases for oil (2x)
5 Location hole for fitting magnetic clutch 14 Oil drain plug
6 Integrated leak oil collector 15 Suction shut-off valve
7 Oil tube 16 Oil pump
8 Shaft seal 17 Oil drain plug / oil filter
9 Shaft end 18 Nameplate

Guchen Industry, Bock Compressor Supplier in China

Bock FK40 in Guchen bus air conditioning system, mainly used in BD series city bus air conditioner, SD BRT city bus air conditioning system, PD bus air conditioning units, as well as TS diesel engine driven truck refrigeration units.
Original Imported FK40 Bock Compressor in Guchen's Bus air conditioner
Bock compressor in BD City Bus Air Conditioner
→ FK40 560K used in BD-04, BD-05 bus aircon
→ FK40 655K bock compressor in BD-06 bus air con

Bock FK40 compressor in SD BRT city bus air conditioning system:
→ FK40 560K fixed on SD-04, SD-05 bus aircon
→ FK40 655K bock compressor in SD-06 bus air con

Bock compressor in PD bus air conditioning units:
→ FK40 560K mount on PD-05, PD-06 bus aircon
→ FK40 655K bock compressor install on PD-07 bus air con for 10-12 m coach & bus

FK 40 Bock Compressor in Guchen Truck Refrigeration Units

→ Bock compressor FK 40 390 mainly used in TS-700, TS-1000 diesel engine driven truck refrigeration system.
→ FK 40 560TK used in TS-1200 independent truck refrigeration units

Original Imported  Bock FK50 Compressor in Guchen Bus Air Conditioning System

Bock fk50 in Guchen bus air conditioning system, mainly install on the more than 14m bus coach & city bus, BRT bus.
Bock FK50 775K compressor applies to GD-08 Double Deck bus air conditioning unit (12-14 m bus)
Bock FK50 980K install on SD-09 bus aircon and BD-09 bus air condition all for 18m bus
Magnetic Clutch for Bock FK40 FK50 Compressor
Guchen's magnetic clutch matched with bock FK40 FK50 compressor, mainly used for after sale repair service, makes your bus air conditioner work properly, greatly and continuously improved your customer satisfaction and transport income.

Bock FK40 Compressor Clutch
Magnetic Clutch for Bock Compressor FK40 ---- ( FKX40 390K, 470K, 560K, 655K )
→ BK 2A2B 260*220  Clutch
→ BK 2A2B 235*210  Clutch
→ BK 2B 210  Clutch
→ BK 2B 220  Clutch
→ 10PK180  Clutch

Bock FK50 Compressor Clutch
Bock Compressor FK50 Clutch mainly used for --- (Bock FKX50 660K, FKX50 775K, FKX50 830K, FKX50 980K)
→ 2A2B 280 220 
→ 2A2B 280/230
As the bock compressor suppliers in North China for FK40 & FK50, requires bock compressor price please for free contact Guchen salesman provide your customized service.
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