Truck refrigeration units, bus air conditioning system
  • Bitzer 4UFCY Compressor

4UFCY Compressor

  • Cylinder volume: • 400 cm³
  • Displacement (1450rpm): • 34,7 m³/h
  • Displacement (3000rpm): • 71,9 m³/h
  • Weight magnetic clutch: • 10 kg
  • V-belts: • 2 x SPB
  • Maximum pressure (LP/HP): • 19 / 28 bar

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Bitzer 4UFCY Compressor for Bus Air Conditioning System
Bus AC Compressor is used to cool down the Driver Cabin or passenger bus inside, compressor is the heart of bus air conditioning system, so choose a suitable bus compressor is most important for your bus / truck business.
Bitzer Compressor is famous for good quality and good efficiency. Bitzer Compressor 4TFCY is different than other models, its size is big, it mainly suitable for 8.5 meters-12meters bus and double-decker bus.

Bitzer 4UFCY Compressor for Bus Air Conditioner 
1. Original Bitzer brand, high quality.
2. 1 year warranty for this bitzer compressor 4UFCY
3. Clutch is optional
4. CE

Bitzer clutch for Bitzer 4UFCY Compressor
Magnetic clutch compressor is the key component of bus air conditioning compressor. If you need clutch, we would recommend that you can choice there five kind of clutches as following, which commonly used for Bock or Bitzer f400 compressor included Bizter 4UFCY:
How to Choose Bizter Bus Air Conditioning Compressor
● Bizter F400 series compressor ( 4UFCY 4TFCY 4PFCY 4NFCY ) particularly applies to any type of bus air conditioning which install on the 8.5 m -- 12 m coach, bus, city bus.
● Bizter F600 series compressor ( 6UFCY 6TFCY 6PFCY 46NFCY ) particularly applies to any type of bus air conditioning which install on the more than 12 meter coach, bus, city bus, and also double-deck buses.
For the detail information about how to confirm that the correct compressor if the right model for you Bus A/C, please give us more information such as your bus ac brand, tag information or take picture / video of your compressor, GUCHEN’S engineers will help you to select correct compressor model for you
Return & Exchange Policy
We will confirm all the necessary information before you place order, delivery orders and invoices. If this Bitzer 4UFCY compressor not applies to your bus air conditioning system, we will accept return or exchange.




Cylinder volume

400 cm³

24.4 CIR

Displacement (1450rpm)

34,7 m³/h

1226 CFH

Displacement (3000rpm)

71,9 m³/h

2537 CFH

No. of cylinder x bore x stroke

4 x 55 x 42mm

4 x 2.17 inch x 1.65 inch

Allowed speed range

500 .. 3500 1/min

500 .. 3500 rpm

Weight (without clutch)

35,0 kg

77.0 lb

Magnetic clutch 12V or 24V DC

LA16 (Option)

LA16 (Option)

Weight magnetic clutch

10 kg

22 lb


2 x SPB

2 x SPB

Maximum pressure (LP/HP)

19 / 28 bar

275 / 403 psi

Connection suction line

28 mm - 1 1/8'

28 mm - 1 1/8'

Connection discharge line

22 mm - 7/8'

22 mm - 7/8'

Oil type R134a

BSE 55 (Option)

BSE 55 (Option)

Oil type R22

B5.2 (Standard)

B5.2 (Standard)

Oil charge

2,5 dm³

88 fl. Oz

Crankcase heater

70 W 12or 24V DC (Option)

70 W 12or 24V DC (Option)

Pressure relief valve



Oil drier



Capacity control

100-50% (Option)

100-50% (Option)

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