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Bus A/C Parts
There are a number of different parts that make up a bus air conditioning system. The compressor is one of the most important parts of the system, as it is responsible for compressing the refrigerant and sending it to the condenser. Guchen Industry supplies a wide range of complete aftermarket bus a/c spare parts, including compressor, blower, fan, and clutch etc. All bus air conditioning wearing parts are available from Guchen Industry.
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Bus AC (air conditioning) systems typically consist of multiple components that work together to cool and ventilate the vehicle interior. The main components include:

Compressor: This component pressurizes the refrigerant gas that circulates throughout the system, it is usually located under the bus near the engine.

Condenser: Located on the front or top of the bus, it converts hot, high-pressure refrigerant into a liquid. Cool outside air helps dissipate heat from the condenser.

Receiver/Dryer: Installed somewhere inside the bus, this component removes moisture from the refrigerant before sending it back into the system as a low-pressure liquid.

Expansion Valve: Controls how much liquid enters the evaporator by restricting the flow and converting some of the liquid to gas. Its location varies by design, but most are mounted near the front of the roof or under the dashboard near the windshield.

Evaporator: Like the condenser, it also cools the refrigerant. However, here it draws heat from the cabin for ventilation purposes, rather than taking heat directly from the exhaust. The evaporators are usually located behind the dash, but their exact location will vary by bus model.

Blower: Distributes cool air throughout the cabin and draws warm room air into the evaporator for heating.

Electromagnetic clutch: role in passenger car air conditioning allows independent adjustment of compressor motor speed, separate from other engine components. It also smoothly turns the compressor on and off without any physical contact between the parts. Ultimately, the compressor converts thermal energy into mechanical energy by compressing the refrigerant gas, thereby reducing cabin temperature levels. When airflow is restricted, an electric blower helps dissipate excess heat, ensuring comfortable climate control.

Guchen Industry offers an extensive range of complete aftermarket passenger bus air conditioning spare parts including compressors, blowers, fans, clutches, and more. Guchen Industry supplies all passenger car air conditioning wear parts.
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