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48V Electric AC Compressor for Truck
Electric AC Compressor for Truck
Electric AC Compressor

48V Electric AC Compressor for Truck

GC20A48, GC27A48
Protection Class:
Working Temperature:
Net Weight:

20cc/27cc 48V Electric Air Conditioner Compressor

Truck electric air conditioning compressors are the heart of truck air conditioning systems, converting the energy stored in the compressed gas into heat energy that is dissipated through heat transfer mechanisms. Its main purpose is to circulate the refrigerant between the different components such as the evaporator, condenser, and receiver to regulate the temperature in the passenger compartment for occupant comfort.

48-volt Air Conditioner Compressor Features

The all-aluminum light structure saves the space of the bus, is easy to install, saves materials, and reduces energy consumption.
The rugged engine design is durable and reliable, and the A/C compressor can operate in harsh conditions.
The speed range is large, and the compressor has greater cooling capacity and higher efficiency under any working conditions.

Electric AC Compressor Parameters

Model GC20A48 GC27A48
Displacement 20cm³/r 27cm³/r
Max. cooling capacity 3500W 4500W
Max. input power 1630W 2040W
Refrigerant R134a
Speed range 1000rpm~6000rpm
Oil RL68H(POE Oil)
HV Voltage range DC32~64V
Control mode PWM speed control
Protective function Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overtemperature
Protection class IP67
Working temperature -40℃~150℃
Storage temperature -40℃~150℃
Net weight 6.1kg

Important Attributes of Truck Electric Air Conditioning Compressors

Important Attributes of Truck Electric Air Conditioning Compressors

Important Attributes of Truck Electric Air Conditioning Compressors

1. Matching voltage and current ratings: Verify that the compressor meets the truck's electrical system requirements (usually 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, or 72V) and is able to handle the expected load without overheating or drawing excessive power. A low-rpm version helps reduce battery drain.

2. Durable Construction: Given the rough terrain that trucks operate on, a compressor that can withstand vibration, shock, and exposure to all weather is required. Consider the IP rating (International Protection Mark) for protection against solid and liquid contaminants.

3. Lightweight and small size: The lighter and smaller the compressor unit, the easier the installation and disassembly process and it helps to optimize the space in a crowded air conditioner.

4. Efficient cooling capacity: Increased efficiency means longer battery life and faster cooling time. Find shifting technology, smart controls, or other innovative ways to enhance performance.

5. Reliable quality control measures: ensure that the compressors are from well-established suppliers, comply with strict production standards, and use high-quality materials combined with advanced testing procedures.
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