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Bock FK40 Vehicle Compressor for Bus Air-Conditioning

  • Type: • FK40/390/470/560/655
  • Swept Volume(cm³): • 385/466/554/650
  • Displ. Volume(1450rpm): • 33.5/40.5/48.3/56.6
  • Weight: • 34.0/33.0/33.0/31.0
  • Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP): • 19 / 28 bar

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Bock FK40 Series Vehicle Compressor Videos

Bock FK40 Series Vehicle Compressor Overview
The FK40 series vehicle compressors by Bock producing are specialists for mobile refrigeration, particularly in A/C systems for buses and coaches, with lots of advantages for the user. Bock FK40 series vehicle compressor with unique value plate system for the toughest demands in bus air-conditioning. Guchen Industry is the general agent of bock compressors for vehicle & bus air conditioning in north China, supply original bock compressor and compressor parts for vehicle & bus air conditioning system with affordable price. 
Outstanding Feature of Bock FK40 Series Vehicle Compressor
★Aluminium light-weight construction, compact 4-cylinder compressor, this can save the bus space, easy installation, also save material and reduce fuel consumption.
★Robust designed, long-lasting engine, reliability performance, and the bus air-conditioning compressor can operate in the harsh conditions.
★Have a good shock resistance performance, the bus or coach can bump on the rough roads and it would not damage the bus air conditioning.
★A large speed range, the compressor have a greater cooling capacity and higher efficiency whatever the compressor in any conditions.
★ The refrigeration compressor with very economical, and have a long service life.
 function checks on bock fk40 bus A/C compressor
Function Checks To Be Carried Out Once a Year For FK40 Series Vehicle Compressor
● After running the compressor once a year, the oil leak has to be checked 
● Checking the running noise of bock FK40 compressor
● Checking pressures and temperatures of the bus air condition compressor
● Checking the tensioner for orderly seating
● Checking the V belt for wear condition and tension.
● Checking the oil leak and the oil level in the crankcase
● Checking the function of the ancillary parts and the fixing screws for tightening.

FK40 Series Bock Compressor Application
FK40 Series Bock Compressor is mainly used in
◆ commercial vehicles air conditioner etc.
It is universal operation with all coolants generally used in mobile applications

Main and functional compressor's parts

main and functional parts of compressormain and functional parts of compressor-2

 1. Discharge shut-off  2. Valve plate  3. Cylinder cover   4. Compressor casing  5. Location hole for fitting magnetic clutch     6. Integrated leak oil collector 7. Oil tube 8. Shaft seal 9. Shaft end 10. Baseplate 11. Connection for heat protection thermostat 12. Oil filling plug 13. Sight glases for oil (2x) 14. Oil drain plug 15. Suction shut-off valve 16. Oil pump 17. Oil drain    plug / oil filter 18. Nameplate
Four Kinds of Bock FK40 Series Vehicle Compressor
Bock FK40 Series Compressor are divided into FKX40 390K Compressor, FKX40 470K Compressor, FKX40 560K Compressor, FKX40 655K Compressor.
Bock FKX40 390K Vehicle Compressor for Bus Air-Conditioning
FKX40 390K Vehicle Compressor is mainly suitable for 8 meters minibus, middlebus, coach, tourism coach, group coach, commercial vehicle air-conditioning and so on, as the bock compressor supplier, we provide the high quality bus air-conditioning compressor.
Bock FKX40 470K Vehicle Compressor for Coach Air-Conditioning
FKX40 470K Vehicle Compressor is mainly suitable for 8-10 meters bus, coach, group coach, tourism coach, commercial vehicle, double-decker bus and so on. And the swept volume of 470K compressor is 466cm3.
Bock FKX40 560K Vehicle Compressor for Bus Air-Conditioning
FKX40 560K Vehicle Compressor is mainly suitable for 10-12 meters bus, city bus, coach, ambulance vehicles, tourism coach, group coach, double-decker bus and the swept volume of 560K compressor is 554 cm3.
Bock FKX40 655K Vehicle Compressor for Double Decker Bus Air-Conditioning
FKX40 560K Vehicle Compressor is mainly suitable for the bus, double-decker bus, coach where the length are more than 10-12 meters. The spare parts of 655K compressor with excellent high temperature resistant performance, especially in the high-temperature region the  compressor still have a high cooling capacity.
Type FK40/390 FK40/470 FK40/560 FK40/655
Nr. Of Cyl. 4
Swept Volume(cm³) 385 466 554 650
Displ. Volume(1450rpm) 33.5 40.5 48.3 56.6
Weight 34.0 33.0 33.0 31.0
Connections Discharge Line DV mm/inch 22/7/8 28/ 11/8 28/11/8 35/13/8
Suction Line SV mm/inch 28/ 11/8 35/ 13/8 35/ 13/8 35/ 13/8
Oil Charge Ltr. 2.0
Inertia moment of the driving unit(kgm2) 0.0043
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP) 19 / 28 bar
Permissible range of rotation speeds 500 - 3500 ¹/min
Dimensions Length / Width / Height 385* 325*370 mm
Lubrication Forced lubrication
Oil charge 2,0 Ltr.
Oil Pump Rotation-independent
Oil type R22 FUCHS Reniso SP 46
Oil type R134a, R404a, R407c, R507 FUCHS Reniso Triton SE 55
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