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Valeo TM 55 / TM65 Bus A/C Compressor

  • Valeo Compressor Type: • TM-55 / TM-65
  • Swept Volume(cm³)(in³): • 550cm³/33.56in³;635cm³/33.56in³
  • Weight: • 18.1kg /39.9 lbs (w/o clutch )
  • Mount : • Direct (side or base)

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Valeo TM 55 / TM65 Compressor for bus air conditioner Description

The new Valeo TM-55 / TM-65 compressor is the great achievement of Valeo Compressors fifty years cutting-edge innovations and customer oriented product development. This compressor delivers high cooling capacity along with compact size and light weight. As the distributor for Valeo TM series and DKS series Compressor, Guchen Industry supply original imported Valeo TM55/ TM65 compressor and original compressor parts. 
Valeo TM-55 / TM-65 heavy duty compressor operation excellence is guaranteed today for large buses & coaches air conditioning systems. The Valeo TM-55 / TM-56 compressor adopted the heavy duty swash plate technology, and Valeo TM-55 compressor is mainly used in BD-05 bus air con system with 10-12 m bus body, the Valeo TM-65 compressors are adapted to larger-scale BD-06 bus air conditioning which the length of bus body is more than 12 m.


Structure Diagram of Valeo TM-55 / TM-56 Bus Air Conditioner Compressor

structure of valeo tm55 / tm56 bus air conditioner compressor


Unique Features of Valeo TM 55 / TM65 Bus A/C Compressor

● Occupies a smaller volume, save costs with Valeo TM55 & TM65 equipped buses air conditioning
● Easy to installation, and great adaptability to any chassis, engines, and coach air conditioning system.
● Great cooling capacity with lower fuel consumption, not only save the cost but also guarantees passengers’ comfort. 
● Durability & Reliability: “Made in Japan” manufacturing quality standards, improved compressor durability ensures long-term cost savings.
● Enhanced Performance: Balanced design reducing noise and vibrations, and double-lip type shaft seal design ensuring oil leakage free operation.
● Balanced 14 cylinders compressor design, which divided into 2 chambers, providing 7 front and 7 rear bores, each piston performs suction and compression at either end.
● The range of Valeo magnetic clutches ensures an unmatched reliability and the longest durability that perfectly matches the Valeo TM55 & TM65 compressor qualities.

Valeo TM-55 / TM-65 compressor name plate The Name Plate of Valeo TM55 /TM65 Bus A/C Compressor

: As valeo TM55 & TM56 compressor have the same dimensions, the best way to differentiate them quickly is by referring to the name plate. Therefore in order to ensure that the valeo TM55 & TM65 compressor operates smoothly, please be careful to respect the indications written on the name plate located on top the compressor body. 


Wide Application Range of Valeo TM 55 / TM65 Compressor

1. The valeo TM 55 & TM 56 series compressors were designed to cover a wide range of applications, optimum for any customer requiring adaptation flexibility.
2. Unlimited adaptations and field serviceable TM 55 & TM 56 series compressor, comprehensive range coverage from city bus A/C to heavy duty buses and coaches A/C, also including heavy duty vehicle A/C, trailer A/C, larger group coach A/C, electrical truck A/C, agriculture machines A/C, shuttle bus A/C and so on.


Operation Precautions of Valeo TM 55 / TM65 Compressor keep valeo tm55 tm65 bus A/C compressor away from water

1. In the off season of air conditioning system, operate the compressor for a few minutes from time to time.
2. Do not drive through water, water may damage the magnetic clutch, thus preventing normal operation of compressor
3. Always charge the A/C system with the specified quantity of refrigerant. 
4. Keep the Valeo TM 55 / TM65 compressor clear of water projection while cleaning the vehicle or vehicle air conditioning.
Hope you the above content is helpful for you, if you have any question, please feel free to contact Guchen Industry Technical Service Center through 3 ways: chat on-line, send inquiry or mail to, we promise to give a satisfying answer in one week day. 

Valeo Compressor TM-55 TM-65 Magnetic Clutch Service

Technical Data of Valeo TM 55 / TM65 Compressor for Bus Air Conditioning

Displacement 550 cm³/ 33.56in³ per rev. 635cm³/ 33.56in3 per rev.
Technology Heavy duty swash plate
Number of Cylinders 14 (7 double-headed pistons)
Range 600-4000 rpm
Direction of Rotation clockwise viewed from clutch
Bore 38.5mm (1.52 in)
Stroke 33.7 mm (1.30 in) 38.9 mm (1.53 in )
Refrigerant HFC-134a
Oil ZXL 100 PG PAG oil 1500 cc/ 0.40 gal (POE option)
Weight 18.1kg /39.9 lbs (w/o clutch )
Mount Direct (side or base)
Dimensions(length-width-height) 341*194*294mm / 13.4*7.64*9.33in
Lubrication system Lubrication by gear pump
Shaft seal Lip seal type
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