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Pakistan Customer Pays a Positive Visit to Top Bus A/C Systems Supplier Guchen Industry

Mar 17, 2020

Guchen Industry got a visit from a Pakistan customer on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020. Mr. Turki visited Guchen’s bus air conditioner factory to deep learn about Guchen PD-03, PD-05 series city bus air-conditioning and mini bus air conditioners.

PD-03 bus air conditioning

Guchen PD-03 bus air conditioning

Mr. Turki highly appreciated Guchen’s efforts on improving the quality of bus A/C systems, and creative technology in both bus air conditioning and transport refrigeration systems. One of his main requirements is to select top quality HVAC system to control the inner temperature of all his new generation buses.

pakistan customer visit Guchen industry

Guchen shows him the workshop, the production line, and laboratory. Our professional sales person Kitty introduced two of the top-selling bus A/C units: PD-03 and PD-05. We use our actions to demonstrate that Guchen Industry is a reliable partner with strong technical support and professional research & development team. Thanks to Mr. Turki’s interest in Guchen bus air conditioner, it’s your support that push Guchen move forward better and better.

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