Bus A/C System Installation Instruction


Bus A/C System Installation Instruction
How to install bus air conditioning system and how to install rooftop mounted bus air conditioner, there are three tips need to consider, and please follow “installation process of roof mounted bus air conditioner” you will do it better.
First:       Safety Practices for Installing Bus Air Conditioner
Second:     Inspection Before Installing Bus Air Conditioning system
Third:       Installation Process of Roof Mounted Bus Air Conditioner 

Bus A/C System Installation Instruction

Ⅰ  Safety Practices for Installing roof mounted Bus Air Conditioner
● Please wear a eye-protecting glass when doing the refrigerant relative works, the refrigerant will cause the perpetual harm of the eye.
● Please don’t operate the bus air conditioner equipment when the high pressure valve of the compressor is shut-off.
● When the bus A/C system is working, please keep your hands away from the rotary components, such as the fan, belt, etc.
● Please keep the hose pipes and wire harness away from the heat, belt, pulley and sharp goods.  
● Please consider the convection of the heat enough, and don’t put the condenser in a airtight space.
● Please ensure there is no naked flame or electric short.
● Please ensure all the installed stand parts (such as clutch, blower, fan)are tight and suitable.
● Please take care when installing the hose pipes or wire harness to avoid the hose damaged by the sharp goods.
● Please prohibit to handle the refrigerant in the airtight space.
● Please don’t wear the bijouterie, watch, earrings, etc., these goods can cause a electric short and lead to the severe burns.

Ⅱ Inspection Before Installing Bus Air Conditioning system
1. Please check that if the model of A/C unit is suitable for the bus; if the appearance & quality can meet the requirement. 
2. Please check that if all the bus air conditioner spare parts are ready. 
3. Please check that if the installation space is safe and installation operators are all ready.

Ⅲ  Installation Process of roof mounted Bus Air Conditioner 
1. Cleaning the roof of the bus, and lift the bus air conditioner unit or minibus air conditioner unit to the top of the bus.

                 install_bus air conditioning system-02     install_bus air conditioning system-01 

2. Sticking the sponge all around the air outlet and air return on the roof of the bus, please ensure there is airtight and no space. 
                 install bus air conditioning system-03    install bus air conditioning system-04

3. Daub the glue (SIKA GLUE) around of the stuck sponges and ensure there is no leak.
                 install bus air conditioning system-05     install bus air conditioning system-06 

4. Put the shock pad on the pre-processing bolt’s or installation hole’s location, and glue the bottom of bolt or shock pad before put on them.
                 install bus air conditioning system-07    install bus air conditioning system-08

5. Put the shock pads under the condenser.
                 install bus air conditioning system-09     install bus air conditioning system-10 

6. Hoist the condenser and evaporator onto the roof of the bus, please ensure hooked the hoisting-ear of the
bus A/C unit (bus air conditioner units) and hoist uprightly.
                 install bus air conditioning system-11    install bus air conditioning system-12

7. Corresponding the installation hole or pre-processing bolt and glue them.
                 install bus air conditioning system-14     install bus air conditioning system-13 

8. Install the bolt into the stuck installation hole, or tight the nut, spring pad, washer, then glue them.
                 install bus air conditioning system-16    install bus air conditioning system-15

9. Connect the condenser and evaporator, daub the refrigeration oil or frozen on the O-ring when connecting.
                install roof mounted bus air conditioner-18     install roof mounted bus air conditioner-19 

10. Daub the glue (SIKA GLUE) and smudging it evenly around the air-outlet and air-return area which are internal of the bus. 
                 install roof mounted bus air conditioner-20    install roof mounted bus air conditioner-21

11. Installation of Compressor Assy.
◆  The pontes of hoses and cooper pipes should be fixed tightly by clamp.
◆  The belt between engine and idle pulley must be tighten.
◆  The compressor assy. can’t touch other components of the bus body, avoid the hose damaged by sharp goods, and try to keep the radiating of the compressor assy.
                install roof mounted bus air conditioner-23

12. Connecting of the Hose Pipes
◆  The sealing asbestos mat should be keep flat in the fittings and daub the refrigerant oil;
◆  The port of the connector should be correspond the inlet or outlet of the evaporator hoses’ connector, fixed and tight the two sides’ bolt in the same time.
                 install roof mounted bus air conditioner-24    install roof mounted bus air conditioner-25

13. The joint & outlet place of wire harness should be glue and keep airtight. The drainage hose & wire harness should be tightened by clamp
                install roof mounted bus air conditioner-27     install roof mounted bus air conditioner-26 
14. Fixed the cover of condenser and evaporator after complete all the connections. And the
roof mounted bus air conditioner is finished.
                 install roof mounted bus air conditioner-30

15. The last steps, pumping air into vacuum state after confirming there has no leakage, then fill up the refrigerant and debugging the A/C system. 
                install roof mounted bus air conditioner-31


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