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Follow One Belt and One Road, New Developing Opportunities of Cold-chain Logistics Enterprises

Jan 14, 2016
In 2015, China's cold chain logistics industry in China's cold chain logistics alliance council President Fan Duan Hui words soil, mixed.In most industries growth downturn, cold chain logistics industry is still in the continuous development and innovation, and constantly improve, the industry is experiencing a process from quantitative change to qualitative change.Fan Duan Hui will be summarized as: from a single point of operation to the network layout development, from single service to the development of integrated services, from domestic to international development, from offline to online combining with development.As a strategic, basic type, growth industry, cold chain logistics development space is large, improve more space.

According to China's cold-chain logistics alliance 2015 version of the cold chain logistics resource distribution statistics, in 2015, the scale of cold chain logistics enterprises 1000, total capacity of 26.26 million tons, refrigerator refrigerator car ownership in 99663, compared with 2014 growth of 28% 42% growth, refrigerator car refrigerator.Before 100 cold storage enterprises total capacity of 11.78 million tons, of which 26 farmers YuanOuXing enterprise self-built 2.86 million tons of cold storage, 28 food trade type enterprise self-built 2.91 million tons of cold storage, 46 third party cold chain storage type enterprise self-built 6 million tons of cold storage.Before 100 the cold-chain transport enterprise has its own refrigerator car 11822 units, 72 third party cold chain transport enterprise has its own refrigerator car 7013, 28 has its own refrigerator car 4809 food trade and other enterprises.33 main transport enterprise self-owned vehicles 5730, 2699 vehicles of 35 cities distribution enterprises own, 32 integrated cold-chain transport and distribution enterprises 3393 vehicles of its own.Fresh electricity market size of 26 billion yuan, in 2014 is expected to reach 52 billion yuan this year.In 2015, cold chain industry maintained strong growth momentum.

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Heat in the cold chain logistics industry in 2015 keywords high have "fresh electricity" "cross-border fresh electricity", "Internet + cold chain," Fan Duan Hui think, these are the representative of the industry innovation model.Fresh electric dealer market expand rapidly, the cold-chain logistics put forward a huge challenge.Electric business thinking, based on user experience and limitation of traditional logistics response, there is a big difference between the cost control more difficult.Therefore, in the second world assembly on the Internet in zhejiang wuzhen, theme emphasizes "connectivity, sharing work - build the cyberspace community of destiny".Over the past few years in general cargo flow field battle Internet cargo platform and express enterprise for many years, have entered the cold chain logistics industry."Internet +" cold chain around people.On December 20, China and South Korea, china-australia fta effect and tax reduction for the first time, on January 1, 2016 will be the second lower taxes.Both sides will benefit from it, cold chain logistics will get new development opportunities.Facing new opportunities and challenges, in the Internet age, mode innovation, resource sharing, win-win cooperation is the basic model of development.

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With the rapid growth of the industry, the influx of capital, the development trend of cold chain industry has to vicious competition. At the beginning of the end is the most intense period, cold-chain logistics bidding means a new round of the hard to avoid vicious competition. Investigate its reason, production, trade, catering and other enterprises have compressed cold-chain logistics cost, logistics enterprises in the service of homogeneity situation, to meet the capital requirements are under pressure to expand the scale of income, cold chain logistics of the red sea phenomenon, logistics profit wandering on the edge of the profit and loss. Malignant competition will inevitably lead to a decrease in the level of service and unsustainable, and eventually wound and cold chain logistics involved, direct threat to food safety.In response, the Chinese cold chain logistics alliance encourages cold chain enterprises on the basis of strengthening exchanges, according to their own actual situation, a clear positioning, strengthen unity, innovation and development, realize the sustainable development of enterprises and the healthy development of the industry. Union is willing to become the exchange of cold chain industry experience, entrepreneurs, capital and enterprise communication platform, in a concerted effort to keep the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.
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