bus aircon, truck refrigeration units in Guchen factory
12v electric climate compressor
12 Volt Electric Climate Compressor
Voltage: 12V, 24V, 72V
Refrigerant: R134a
Displacement: 20cc
Driven type: electrically driven
Min. Order: 1 unit
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bock40 compressor
Bock FK40 Vehicle Compressor for Bus Air-Conditioning
Type: FK40/390/470/560/655
Swept Volume(cm³): 385/466/554/650
Displ. Volume(1450rpm): 33.5/40.5/48.3/56.6
Weight: 34.0/33.0/33.0/31.0
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP): 19 / 28 bar
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Guchen electric bus ac compressor
Electric Vehicle AC Compressor
Model : GC-EVS24C, GC-EVS34C
Refrigerant: R407C
Power Type : DC(150V-420V) or DC(400V-720V)
Speed Range (RPM): 2000-6000
Displacement(cc/rev): 24.0 or 34.0
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Bock Compressor (FK40, FK50)
Bock Compressor (FK40, FK50)
Type: Bock Compressor FK40, FK50
Swept Volume(cm³): From 385 to 976
Bock Compressor Clutch: On Sale
Bock Compressor Parts: On Sale
Application: Bus Air Conditioner, Engine Driven Truck Refrigeration Unit
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valeo compressor
Valeo TM Series Compressor
Model: Valeo TM21,TM31,TM43,TM55,TM65
Displacement: from 215CC to 635CC to choose
Number of Cylinders: 10/14 (5/7 double-headed pistons)
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valeo tm43 compressor
Valeo TM-43 Compressor for Bus A/C
Displacement: 425 cm³/ 26 in³ per rev.
Dimensions(length-width-height): 319*164*269 mm / 12.6*6.5*10.6 in
Refrigerant: HFC-134a
Number of Cylinders: 10 (5 double-headed pistons)
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bock 50
Bock FK50 Series Compressor for Bus A/C System
Type: FK50/660 FK50/775 FK50/830 FK50/980
Swept Volume(cm³): 662/776/831/976
Displ. Volume(1450rpm): 57.6/67.6/72.3/84.9
Dimensions Length / Width / Height: 430* 375*335 mm
Permissible range of rotation speeds: 500 - 3500 ¹/min
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Valeo TM55 / TM65 compressor
Valeo TM 55 / TM65 Bus A/C Compressor
Valeo Compressor Type: TM-55 / TM-65
Swept Volume(cm³)(in³): 550cm³/33.56in³;635cm³/33.56in³
Weight: 18.1kg /39.9 lbs (w/o clutch )
Mount : Direct (side or base)
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