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The bus air-conditioning compressor is the core component of the air-conditioning cooling system, which provides the function of circulating refrigeration for the entire system. It will get the power source from the bus, compress the refrigerant and send it into the condenser.

Passenger bus ac compressor is a key component of the cooling system in the vehicle temperature control system. The bus air-conditioning compressor mainly circulates the refrigerant throughout the system to form a closed loop, enabling the air-conditioning system to effectively remove heat from the cabin and create a cool environment.

The function of the city bus air conditioning compressor is to ensure that the correct amount of refrigerant flows from the evaporator to the condenser and back again for efficient and effective heat dissipation and a comfortable ride for passengers.

Guchen can provide compressors of 3 well-known brands, Bock, Bitzer, and Valeo, and also has electric air conditioner compressors specially used for new energy vehicles. They can be used in electric bus air conditioning, truck HVAC systems, and van air conditioning. They are GC-EVS24C, GC-EVS34C, and DC 12V air conditioner compressors.
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