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Electric Vehicle AC Compressor

Power Type :
DC(150V-420V) or DC(400V-720V)
Speed Range (RPM):
24.0 or 34.0
Weight (kg):
6.9 or 7.5

Guchen GC-EVS series Electric Vehicle AC Compressor Introduction

Every day, people have to face the fuel consumption when they take a bus or drive a car, which makes our environment become polluted. More and more organizations begin to turn their attention on new energy vehicles, such as full electric bus, trams, trolley bus, electric cars...

Guchen GC-EVS series electric scroll compressor adopt DC150V-420V or DC400V-720V voltage, used for all kinds of vehicle air conditioners such as e-bus ac units, sleeper truck cab ac, car ac it also can be used for vehicle battery heating system. 

Guchen GC-EVS series Electric Vehicle AC Compressor Features

Light Weight: Compared with the traditional compressors, Guchen GC-EVS series compressors are very light, only 7.5KG, save the power consumption a lot.
Reliability: Flexible scroll compression structure; Resistance the liquid refrigerant assault; Smooth operation, low noise and less vibration. High efficiency DC frequency conversion technology: Connect the DC high pressure voltage DC150V-420V or DC400V-720V voltage, so customers don’t need to buy a transformer to transform the voltage.
Environmentally friendly refrigerant, adopts R407C refrigerant. Specialized for full electric bus ac or hybrid bus ac: Modulation design for EV/HEV/PHEV/FCEV.

Technical Data of Guchen Electric Scroll A/C Compressor

Refrigerant R407C
Displacement(cc/rev) 24.0 34.0
Power type DC(150V~420V) or DC (400v~720v)
Speed range(rpm) 2000~6000
Communication protocol CAN 2.0b or PWM
Operation environmental temperature (℃) -40 ℃~80℃
Oil type POE HAF68(100mm) POE HAF68(150mm)
Max.cooling capacity (w) 8200 11100
COP (W/W) 3.0 3.0
Test condition Ps/Pd=o.2/1.4Mpa(G),SH/SC=11.1/8.3℃
Compressor length L(mm) 245 252
Suction diameter D1(mm) 18.3 21.3
Discharge diameter D2(mm) 15.5
Weight of the compressor (kg)                                                            6.9                                                                                                            7.5                                    

Guchen GC-EVS series Electric Bus AC Compressor

1. Truck Sleeper Cab Air Conditioners

2. Full Electric Bus Air Conditioners

3. All kinds of Electric Car Air Conditioners, Electric Truck A/C, Car Electrification Conversion etc.

4. Vehicle Battery Heating System, Battery Thermal Management System

electric scroll compressor
How to Install GC-EVS series Bus A/C Compressor
electric air conditioning compressor installation tips
The compressor should be kept in the horizontal direction and the suction port should be kept up (shown as standard installation method, if necessary for other installation methods, both sides must confirm the consultation), in the actual installation of the compressor to allow the direction of tilt within 10 °. Compressor at installation

The direction of the axis is perpendicular to the direction of travel. If the compressor and the grounding function of the metal bracket can not be set to connect the ground, otherwise you need to set up a separate grounding device, can be installed in the foot when the foot shown in the location shown in the figure.
Global Customers's Inquiries
◆ "We are building smart electric vehicles. The unit should be preferably able to operate in this cooling range with a higher COP.  We have to maintain the battery pack at a temperature of 25 degrees celsius. We are looking for an Ecompressor of 1-2KW which can operate in the voltage range of 250 - 405V. Kindly suggest an e compressor which can meet our requirement."

◆ "Could I please have a data sheet on your GCEVS24C and GCEVS34C.
Do you have any Electric Vehicle AC Compressor with work from 300-500Vdc?

◆ "Hi, I would like to get more information on this compressor: models GC-EVS24C and GC-EVS34C.
Can you please provide me with the following information:
1- full technical specs
2- Price and availability ( delivery time)
3- 3D model"

Guchen electric a/c compressor for worldwide customers

◆ "For a series production of electrified construction machines (first order of 10 confirmed, next orders of each 30 will follow), we are looking for an A/C compressor. The system is standardized at 700V nominal. You have 720V A/C compressors; will these be OK with 790V, or do you have A/C compressor that can work with this voltage?"

◆ "Hi , my friend you have on stock electric compressor a / c for TOYOTA Echo 2004 2 doors std sedan , please confirm this email and answer , thank you !"
Installation Kits
electric bus ac compressor installation kits

Guchen EVS Series Electric A/C Compressor Can be used for Efficient Air Conditioning of Electric Buses, Electric Trucks, Electric Cars etc.

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