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Classification and Characteristics of Bus Air-conditioning

Sep 28, 2020

Bus Air Conditioning System Introduction

Bus air conditioning system is composed of heating equipment, cooling equipment, ventilation, air purification device and humidifying equipment, bus air conditioning system is mainly used for adjusting the passenger compartment’s temperature, humidity and clean degree, and make it directional flow and distribution at a certain speed in the passenger compartment, in order to provide a comfortable environment and fresh air for the driver and passenger. this article we will introducing the bus air conditioning classification and bus air conditioner characteristics

Bus Air Conditioner Classification By Driving Mode


 1. Non-independent bus air conditioning systems


2. Independent bus air conditioning systems



1. Air inlet  2. Exhaust gate  3. Radiator  4. Bus air-condition engine   5. Clutch   6. Compressor  7. Evaporator  
8. Condenser  9. Condenser fan   10. The circulating air inlet


Bus Air Conditioning System Classification By Structural Type

The bus air conditioner can be divided into the integral bus air-conditioner, split bus air-conditioning and decentralized bus air conditioning.


1. The integral bus air-conditioning: the sub-engine, compressor, condenser and evaporator are connected by belts and pipes into a whole bus air conditioner, and then it is monuted on a special frame, forming a independent assembly, and driven by the sub engine, through the ventilation pipe sending the cold air into the bus, such as Electric Truck Air Conditioner, SDD-01-Bus-Air-Conditioner


2. Split bus air conditioning system: The compressor, condenser, evaporator and the sub-engine parts of independent air-conditioning are all arranged separately, then using the pipes connected into a refrigeration system. Such as GC-03 Special Vehicle Air Conditioner


3. Decentralized bus air conditioning system: the evaporator, condenser, compressor are distributed installation in various parts of the bus, and coupled with the pipe.


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