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Battery Thermal Management System for Construction Machinery

Battery Thermal Management System for Construction Machinery


BTMS for Construction Machinery Vehicles

The temperature of a battery is one of the key factors in its performance and lifespan. High temperatures can cause the battery to overheat, reducing its performance and accelerating life loss, while low temperatures can reduce the battery's energy density and power output. The battery thermal management system monitors the temperature of the battery by installing temperature sensors to ensure that it works within a safe range. When the battery temperature approaches or reaches dangerous levels, the system takes steps to control the temperature, such as reducing the charging rate or activating the cooling system. Its functions cover many aspects such as temperature monitoring, heat dissipation, heat dissipation, and charging control.

Reasons for high energy consumption of construction machinery

High power requirements: Construction machinery requires sufficient power to perform various tasks such as digging, handling, earthmoving, etc. These tasks often require powerful engines or electric motors to generate sufficient force and speed.

Changing workload: The workload of construction machinery is often constantly changing. For example, an excavator may require more energy when digging heavy rock and less energy when doing light earthmoving work. This changing workload requires flexible energy supplies.

Long continuous working time: Construction machinery usually needs to work continuously for a long time, such as digging or transporting all day long. This means their batteries or fuel systems need to be able to provide sustained energy without premature exhaustion.

Environmental factors: Construction machinery often works in various harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, high altitude, high humidity, and dusty places. These environmental conditions may increase the energy consumption of the battery or engine because they require additional energy to cope with these conditions.

High-efficiency requirements: High energy consumption does not mean waste. In fact, construction machinery requires efficient energy systems to minimize energy waste and improve performance. This requires the battery or engine system to maintain high efficiency under high loads.


The impact of battery heating on construction machinery

Performance degradation: High temperatures can cause battery performance to degrade. This includes reducing the power output and energy density of batteries. Construction machinery may not provide the expected performance levels under high-temperature conditions, which may affect work efficiency.

Shortened life span: High temperature will accelerate the aging process of the battery and shorten the battery life. For construction machinery, batteries are expensive components that require a long life to ensure a return on investment.

Safety risks: Overheated batteries may cause safety risks, such as fire or explosion. This poses a potential threat to construction machinery operators, construction sites, and equipment.

Reduced availability: Battery overheating may cause the battery system to automatically shut down or require cooling time to resume normal operation. This reduces the availability and productivity of construction machinery.


Solution for battery thermal management system applied to construction machinery

Construction machinery vehicles require effective battery thermal management systems to ensure that the battery is always maintained within the appropriate temperature range. These systems can improve the performance, reliability, and safety of construction machinery by monitoring and adjusting battery temperature to reduce heat generation and protect batteries from excessive heat.

The design and functionality of a battery thermal management system depend on the battery type, application requirements, and environmental conditions. In construction machinery vehicles, the effective operation of the battery thermal management system is critical to ensuring vehicle performance, reliability, and safety, especially under extreme operating conditions.

We can provide you with the most suitable battery thermal management system for the current environment based on specific work scenarios and engineering vehicles to improve the working efficiency of engineering machinery and protect batteries.
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