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ES-04 Electric Bus Air Conditioner (7-8.5m Bus)

Product Name:
Guchen ES-04 Electric Bus Air Conditioner
Driven Type:
Vehicle Electric or Battery
Rooftop Mounted
Hermetic Electric Scroll Compressor
7-8.5m all-electrical buses, hybrid buses, tramways, and trolleybuses

Guchen ES-04 Electric Bus Air Conditioning Introduction

With the development of economy and the enhancement of people’s educational level, the public and government pay more attention to environmental protection. And they are seeking for cleaner energy to replace fuel. So under this condition, all-electric buses emerge in the markets. And ac unit for full electric bus are appeared accordingly.

Guchen ES-04 ac unit for electric bus is suitable for 7-8.5m buses, which its cooling capacity can reach to 21KW. Also customers can use DC450-700V voltage for this ac unit for trolley bus. And ES-04 ac unit for electric bus can be equipped with 20KW heating capacity to meet the demands in winter.

Guchen ES-04 all electric bus air conditioner

Guchen ES-04 Electric Bus Air Conditioning Features

Use electric scroll compressor, intellective heat load reaction and automatic cooling capacity adjusting.
Adopt CAN control technology, multi-operation mode, concisely lining and more reliable control Adopt R407C environment friendly refrigerant, volume charge saving more than 20%.
Modular, roof mounted, light weight, fit for vehicle of different width.

ES-04 Electric Intercity Bus AC Parameters

Model ES-04

Cooling Capacity

18,000 Kcal/h / 21kw / 71000BTU

Heating Capacity

17,200 Kcal/h /20kw / 68000BTU

Input Voltage Range(Main power line)


Input Voltage Range (Control system)

DC-24V 5A

Rated Power Consumption

6.5 Kw

Max Ambient temperature

46 °C


R407c/3.6 kg





Oil Type







Copper Pipe and Aluminum foil--- Ultra light weight

Air Flow


Fan Motor

7-speed centrifugal type EBM Brushless Blower






Copper Pipe and Aluminum foil--- Ultra light weight

Air Flow


Fan Motor

Axial type Brushless Fan

Expansion  Valve

Electronic expansion valve Danfoss ETS6-18

Gas-liquid Separator

QFQ1.2  KLCJ-0616

Bidirectional Dry Filter

Danfoss DCB084s  KLCJ-0705

Fresh Air Device/ Fresh Air volume

KLCJ-0405/ 800 m3/h

Control Panel

 Control with  Fault code display

Control sytem

 CAN bus control system with 7 speed air flow adjusting module

AC Size in mm (l × w × h) )/Weight

2500×1920×265 mm / 170.0kg, Ultra light weight


7-9.0 meter Pure Electric Bus ,Trolley bus, Tram ,New Energy bus and Hybrid Bus

◎Above data based on the test condition of: , Humidity=50%, Input Voltage DC 600V
◎Specification is subject to change without priority notice.

Unique Design of ES-04 Electric City Bus AC System

Efficient Heating
This E-Bus HVAC unit is with an integrated heat Pump which is a popular technology for providing heat in cold winter days. The heat pump uses less energy, resulting in extended driving range.

ES-04 electric AC unit
Mass Production
Guchen Industry designed and manufactured pure electric air conditioning system for city bus, intercity bus, coach and school bus. With years of research and development, ES-04 model with mature climate control technology have been mass-produced for the worldwide bus industry/market since 2008.
Environmental Friendly A/C System
The novel design of air conditioning system applied in hybrid bus, trolleybus or purely electric bus brings many benefits to the environment. ES-04 is emission-free, totally powered by the vehicle battery bank. It is green, clean, and helps build an environmental-friendly future.
Electric Scroll Compressor
es 04 model with electric scroll compressor
The GC-EVS34CC DC Variable-frequency compressor ensures the whole bus a/c system with improved efficiency.
High Reliablity & Quiet Operation
All the spares parts such as compressor, BLDC fan, are well selected with top quality, best performance and high IP level. The integrated system is with multi protection designs to ensure the safe operation and high reliability. Through years of on-site tests, the noise level of the hybrid bus a/c system can be reduced less than 2dB, promising a quiet riding environment for worldwide customers.
Feel Free to Contact Guchen at Any Time
If you have any questions or troubles about ac unit for full electric bus, you can contact Guchen Sales Department via email address and we will offer you the best suggestions.

Raining Test of ES-04 All-electric Bus Air Conditioner

IP67 waterproof rated spare parts, cover & housing. The ES-04 electric bus air conditioner is tailored for both rainy countries and other areas.
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