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TBTM-10 Battery Thermal Management for Heavy Truck

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Heavy Truck

TBTM-10 Battery Thermal Management Introduction

Battery thermal management (BTM) refers to the process of regulating the temperature of batteries in order to optimize their performance, extend their lifespan, and prevent safety hazards such as thermal runaway or explosion.

Batteries are sensitive to temperature, and their performance can be affected by both high and low temperatures. High temperatures can cause the battery to degrade faster and reduce its lifespan, while low temperatures can decrease the battery's capacity and increase its internal resistance.

BTM involves controlling the temperature of batteries through various methods, such as using cooling or heating systems, thermal insulation, and temperature sensors. These methods help to maintain the battery within an optimal temperature range, ensuring that it functions at its best and avoiding any potential safety risks.

BTM is particularly important for heavy trucks, where the batteries are subjected to high loads and are exposed to varying environmental temperatures. Effective BTM can improve the range and efficiency of heavy trucks while also ensuring the safety of their users.

Heavy Duty Truck Battery Thermal Management System Solution

▶ Two different solutions are provided based on the customer's HVAC expansion valve type.
▶ Based on the accuracy of cab air conditioning and thermal management demand control, we recommend the EXV solution.
▶ The current cab heating adopts the liquid heat solution, which can be quickly adapted to the new energy heavy trucks that borrow the traditional air conditioning box without changing the HVAC.

TBTM-10 Battery Thermal Management Parameters

Item  TBTM -10
Cooling Capacity-cabin 4.5kw
Heating Capacity-cabin 5kw(Adjustable Power)
Cooling Capacity-battery 5.5kw(Both),8.4(Separate)
High Voltage Supply(VDC) DC 600V(DC400V-DC750V)
Power Consumption for Compressor  4.7kW
Low Voltage Supply DC 24V(DC 18V-DC 32V )
Power Consumption for Pump 240W
Control Power Supply  DC 24V(DC 18V-DC 32V )
Power Consumption for Controller 30w
Protection Lever IP67
Working Temp of The Unit -10℃~50℃(Cooling)
Coolant Type 50%VV Ethylene Glycol Aqueous Solution
Refrigerant  R134a
Throttle Valve TXV,EXV

Heavy-duty Truck Battery Thermal Management Technology Concept

Thermal Management Characteristics of Heavy-duty Truck Batteries
At present, the integrated thermal management scheme adopts a split layout scheme, which can provide an integrated solution for motor heat dissipation, air conditioning in the driving area, and battery thermal management.

The local centralized layout scheme is adopted to reduce the installation requirements of the whole vehicle and improve the installation efficiency.

The refrigerant adjustment on the air-conditioning side is more accurate, which can ensure the superheat of the system and improve reliability.

Use the air conditioning box with its own plumbing core, and the air is more uniform.

Battery Thermal Management for Heavy Trucks
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