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All Electric Bus Air Conditioner

Product Name:
A/C for All-electrical Bus, Tramway, Trolleybus
Driven Type:
Vehicle Electric or Battery
Rooftop Mounted
6-18m all-electrical buses, hybrid buses, tramways, and trolleybuses

All-electric Bus Air Conditioner Introduction

all electric busGuchen Industry is offering a specialized range of all-electric bus air conditioning system (trolley air conditioner or tram air conditioning) for any type of all-electrical buses, hybrid buses, tramways, and trolleybuses.

The ES series bus air conditioners are roof top mounted all electric bus air conditioning system, designed for 6-18 meter length electrical bus, tram or trolley buses. The hermetic electric scroll compressor and control system are powered by vehicle electric or battery.
Tips: Customers can choose DC400-720V voltage models according to different demands.

The Main Structure of Rooftop Electric Bus Air Conditioning System

Condenser assembly, evaporator assembly and compressor assembly
Electronic control box and other major components, such as Dandfoss expansion valve, four ways, Brushless PWM blower and fan with 7 speed air flow adjusting module, intelligent controller Can bus system
DC 500V generator, 380V vehicle alternator

ES Series All Electric Bus Air Conditioner Technical Data

 Series   Max Power
Air Flow
Number of
ED-03 5 14 13 4000 4 2399*1620*245 DC400-720V 6-7m bus
ES-04 6.5 21 20 4000 4 1960*1920*285 DC400-720V 7-8.5m bus
ES-05 8 26 24 4000 4 2360*1920*285 DC400-720V 8.5-9m bus
ES-06 10 32 30 6000 6 3000*1920*285 DC400-720V 10-12m bus

ES Series All Electric Bus Air Conditioner Features

Consistently cool, energy efficiency and comfort
Adopting inverter electric AC compressor, all-electric bus air conditioning system adjust the cooling speed, offer the best favorable cooling and heating capacity to the people moving, matched to the cooling load inside the passenger compartment according to the indoor temperature changes, with low noise, low energy consumption(adopt R407C environment-friendly refrigerant, volume charge saving more than 20%).
Smart Environment friendly protection
The electric bus a/c adopts efficient air purification system, which is powered by a hybrid drive or all-electric generator or "plug-and-play" depending on your choice to meet the cleaner-operating and more-efficient electric buses. And the electric-bus A/C Parts are subjected to rigorous environment-friendly testing, extend the service life.
Light Weight
The 12m all-electric bus air conditioner's weight from 400 kg dropped 245 kg, with its body length are controlled within 3 m, directly reduces the weight by more than 40%, lower vehicle weight, improve vehicle safety; More effectively enhance the capacity and mileage of the buses.
Adopts Molded Process Manufacturing
The all-electric bus A/C housing is made of SMC and LFT material, robust structure, greatly reduces the cost.
High-standard Design
waterproof design of Guchen all electric bus air conditionerCompressors, power-supply module has a waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof, fully meet the automotive parts and components and have reached IP67.
Safe Voltage Level
More secure system, higher protection degree.
Vehicle Test Verification
General highway, high ring, a total of 60,000 km comprehensive road, has been tested during the cooling, heating, and other projects.
Through The Rigorous Bench Test
Rated capacity tested (cooling / heating), high-temperature cooling / heating, Defrost, freedom temperature rise, freedom temperature dropping, the frequency-conversion compressor oil level confirmation, the high temperature refrigeration start test, vibration and other tests;
Protection Devices
Over voltage alarm and cut-off function, under voltage alarm and cut-off function, overcurrent protection, compressor discharge temperature protection, high voltage protection of the air conditioning system, low voltage protection A/C system, air conditioning systems temperature control system and other protections
Installation and Project of ES Series Bus Air Conditioner
After the ES series bus air conditioners update and improved the renewed bus ac units more comfort with customers' demands. Now you can see the below photo, the appearance is look alike SD series, that is because the renewed ac units also has the double return air system, very small in size and light in weight! So it can save more fuel consumption and meet the standard of "new-energy".
Guchen All-Electric Bus Air Conditioning

Here is the ES-04 series all electric bus air conditioners mount on ZhengZhou City, China inner city 7 meter length buses project, with its big cooling capacity, it transports ZhengZhou so many people!

----- ES series All Electric Bus Air Conditioners Mount on ZhengZhou City New Energy Buses

full electric bus ac on mini bus
PIC. 1
Guchen electric air conditioning system for YuTong bus
PIC. 2

Here is a set of photos about ED-03 full electric bus air conditioners mount on Yutong new energy buses. In picture 1, the condenser is mounted on the back of minibus, far away from the front door, and fully make the cool air blow to passengers; In picture 2, the condenser is mounted on the middle of roof top bus, make the cool air below to front and back evenly, especially designed for inner city buses.

---ED-03 Full Electric Bus AC Units Apply on Yutong New Energy All Electric Buses Project

Raining Test of Guchen All-Electric Bus Air Conditioning (ES Series)

From the video, you can see the great leakproofness of Guchen ES series bus air conditioner. So the great leakproofness can make it to suit for rainy areas safely.
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