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Guchen DC-10E 10KW Electric Air Conditioner for Minibus Introduction

May 23, 2017
With the hot summer coming in Northern Hemisphere, are you ready to install a cool air conditioner on your vehicles?

Today Guchen DC-10E electric air conditioner introduced to you for your vehicles!

Guchen DC-10E minibus air conditioner is DC battered powered air conditioner, and its cooling capacity is 10KW, suitable for the minibus, big vans, caravan, motor homes...

minibus air conditioner 10KW guchen industry
PHOTO:Guchen DC-10E Electric Minibus Air Conditioner 10kw 

Because of its batter powered driven type, it can help you save a lot fuel consumption in the summer. So if you want to install an air conditioner on your vehicles, and also want to save fuel, the electric one is a good choice.

Another interesting thing is that one of Guchen customer from Middle East, work as a vehicle after sales service shop, install 3 Guchen DC-10E air conditioner in a 11 meter length bus. In this way, it solve the problem of no space to install air channel in the old bus. Here you can see it in the below photos:

van air conditioner 10kw
PHOTO: van minibus air conditioner 10kw mount on a 11 meter length bus 

So if you have an old bus, and have no enough space to install air channel if choose traditional bus air conditioner, you can refer to this customers case!

Of course, with the hot summer coming, and a cooling air conditioner is a necessary thing to people. And Guchen Industry warmly welcome to you to be our distributors in your local areas! If you have rich experience in bus air conditioner sales, welcome to join us!
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