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12v rooftop van air conditioner
DC-10E 12V rooftop air conditioner for van
DC-10E long nose van air conditioner
12v rooftop ac unit for van

DC-10E Van Air Conditioner |Long Nose Van AC

Driven by:
DC 12V 24V Battery
DC 12V/24V Electric Compressor
Cooling Capacity:
Rooftop Mounted AC
All vans, long nose vans etc.

Brief Introduction on DC-10E Rooftop Van Air Conditioner

Guchen Industry offers not only the best bus A/C system, but also van air conditioner from around the world. DC-10E air conditioning system is a DC 12v /24v rooftop air conditioner for all vans, especially hot selling for long nose vans, like VW Transporter T4 Van Long Nose (9 seats, 3 rows).

Well-performance DC-10E Rooftop Van AC

It is a 12v 24v DC air con unit for van applications, installed on the van roof.
DC-10E is one of the most powerful rooftop AC for vans. It enables cool down any van applications in a matter of minutes.
If you are looking for the most durable rooftop van AC, you won’t regret getting Guchen DC-10E unit.

Technical Data of DC-10E 12V Van A/C Unit

Model DC-10E 
Voltage DC 12V/24V
Cooling Capacity 10kw
Current ≦110A/60A
Power 1080W-1320W
Compressor Type DC Brushless Electrical compressor
Evaporator blower air vol. 1500m³/h
Condenser fan air vol. 3600m³/h
Refrigerant/Volume R134a
Dimensions 1300*1045*190mm
Weight 85kg
Vehicle Applications All vans, long nose vans, minibus etc.

Top Picks of Guchen DC-10E Long Nose Van A/C Unit

Adjustable cooling capacity
Its cooling capacity is 10Kw, extremely powerful for ordinary van cooling in hot summer days.

DC-10E van roof ac
One-piece unit; Mounted on the roof;
It installs onto the van's roof just like any other rooftop AC, but is vastly easier to install, and even easier to use. DC-10E van air conditioner is driven by vehicle’s battery, 12V or 24V DC battery. 

slim design of dc-10e van air conditioner
Remote control, combined with manual; More convenient for frequent use;
The van air conditioner comes with a remote control in your purchase. At anywhere, anytime in the van compartment, anyone can adjust the temperature and fan speed without even leaving the seat. 
If you are looking for an easy-to-operate aircon solution for your van, Guchen DC-10E is certainly one of the top picks.
dc-10e 12v van roof top ac
12V/24V Electric Compressor
DC-10E rooftop van AC is operated with electric AC compressor which is driven by a brushless DC motor. It adopts the latest inverter technology, with adjustable rotation speed.
Other Features
◆ With heating option;
◆ Heat pump, high efficiency and light weight;
◆ Brushless evaporator fan and condenser fan, long service life, lower power consumption;
◆ Special for all van applications, long nose vans etc.
Installation and Application of DC-10E Rooftop AC System
Guchen DC-10E has a very wide application. These are ac units mounted on top of the one-piece roof; they are usually applied in mini bus or vans. But sometimes, it can also be applied on city buses. Let's take a look at the customer's case about the Guchen DC-10E minibus assembly in the 12m city bus project!
 long nose van air conditioning system
Here are some photos of comments from our Middle Eastern customer, Mr. Sharafudheen, who rides 3 sets of GC-10E minibus units on a 12-meter city bus. In this sense, he helps to solve the problem that the 12-meter city bus does not have enough space to install the air channel. Therefore, it is also a good idea to mount 3 sets of GC-10E minibus units on a 12 meter city bus to take the place of the traditional bus air conditioner.
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