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12v ac compressor
12v air conditioner compressor
12v electric ac compressor
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12v compressor for DC powered air conditioner

12 Volt Electric Climate Compressor

DC 12V
Driven type:
electrically driven
Min. Order:
1 unit
Guchen Industry

Guchen Fully Electric DC 12V Air Conditioner Compressor

It is a versatile auto air conditioning compressor available in 12V, 24V, and 72V, and has additional versions available with 1) PWM speed adjustment, 2) 0-5V speed adjustment, 3) 0-11V speed adjustment and 4) Three-speed adjustment. The DC 12 volt compressor can be operated with digital display panel (if you choose PWM speed control version) or a rotary switch (if you choose the left 3 versions).
The innovative 12v mini ac compressor is best selling for no-idle solutions. It is a good fit with the vehicle's engine-off power needs. For any no idle application, such as 12v semi truck hvac system, 12v van air conditioner, it is a great alternative.

What should You Know about Guchen 12 Volt A/C Compressor?

Working voltage range @12V: DC 9V (won’t operate below) - DC 16V (cannot exceed)
BTU capacity: The 20cc electric climate compressor units can produce between 0.5-3.5kw and are available in both 12volt and 24volt.
Installation position: Compressor body not to be tilted (The maximum tilt allowed is 15°)

Technical Data of Guchen 12V A/C Compressor

Item Parameters 
Displacement 20cm³/r
Maximum cooling capacity (kW) 2.4 
Maximum cooling input power (kW) 1.2
Maximum allowable current (A) 120
Speed range 1000~4000rpm
Refrigerant R134a
Refrigeration oil RL68H (POE oil) 
Main power supply rated voltage DC12V
voltage range DC9V~16V
Safety voltage ≤DC36V
Speed control mode PWM speed control/CAN control
Protection function under voltage, over voltage, over current, over temperature
Weight 6.3kg
Suction pressure (A) 0.20~0.45MPa
Exhaust pressure (A) ≤2.5 MPa
System oil volume 8%~12% of system refrigerant volume
Water content of air conditioning system ≤100ppm
Soft start time 15s
Drive mode sine wave

Benefits of Guchen DC 12V A/C Compressor

Wide application
For industry use on vehicles and machines: trucking industry (parking trucks/semi-trucks/lorries), caravans, automotive, construction machinery, heavy vehicles, farming equipment etc. With cooling capacity up to 2.4kw, the 12V A/C compressor is capable of providing high performance no-idle air conditioning for both individuals and fleets.

small 12v electric AC compressor
Easy to wire in
The 12V compressor is with 3 wiring looms (wire size: 1.1m) in total; the red wire for positive terminal, the black one for negative terminal, the middle black one for control (the compressor speed). it is very simple to wire in.

wire in of 12v air conditioning compressor
Built tough and powerful
They are durable and strong, which means minimal maintenance required. 
They are compact. You can put it anywhere convenient. 
The advantage of Guchen DC 12 volt A/C compressors is with heavy duty cast aluminum structure, which can be mounted in outside application. The hermetic reasonable design provide durability for the most extreme working conditions.
Brushless motor
The 12v air conditioner compressor's brushless motor increases the overall system efficiency. It is with high reliability (no brushes to wear out). The compressor speed and efficiency are also greatly improved, therefore brushless motor is the most suitable motor used in variable-speed automotive electric compressors.

spare parts of 12v electric air conditioning compressor
Scroll Technology
Scroll technology for electric air conditioning compressors has seen successful advances during the past few years of research, development and application. 12 volt DC scroll type compressor designed by Guchen Industry is with demonstrated superior value in auto ac systems, heat pump systems and transportation refrigeration systems that require scroll designs.

best 12v air conditioner compressor
Inverter built in
An inverter is used to regulate precisely the speed of electric motor to continuously adjust the temperature. It is the most energy efficient technology, and has been the new trend in automotive HVAC industry. 
12V Air conditioner with variable speed compressor (inverter built in) operates more quietly, reduces energy consumption and provides better value in the long run.
With inverter built in, the electric air conditioning compressor provides maximum cooling when it’s needed, yet reduce electric load when it’s not. Guchen 12 volt variable speed compressor is a preferred choice for those who are struggling to properly maintain temperature , and looking for cost-effective A/C solutions.
Innovated cooling performance and COP
cooling capacity of 12 volt ac compressor
Over current protection: yes
Guchen 12 volt electric a/c compressor has a high-volt (>16V), low-volt (<9V) and quick voltage fluctuation cut out function.
Sample order: yes
a sample compressor is available to order.
Will this work in my semi truck: yes
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Guchen Industry, Top 12v Compressor Supplier in China

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