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Application of Parallel Flow Condenser in 12m Bus Air Conditioning

Mar 23, 2016

Why Uses The Parallel Flow Condenser in Bus Air Conditioning System?

A parallel flow condenser has been designed to replace the conventional finned-tube condenser for the bus air conditioning. Which the experiment was conducted using the enthalpy difference method under the standard conditions, and the results show that the refrigerating capacity and the energy efficiency ratio of the bus air conditioning system improved slightly. Compared with the finned-tube condenser, the weight, the size, and the refrigerant charge of the parallel flow condenser assembly decreased by 30 kilogram, 40%, and 16% respectively. ( This is comes from Results of Hefci University of Technology,Hefei,230009,China)
Parallel Flow Condenser of 12m bus air conditioning
parallel flow condenser of  PD-07  bus air conditioning system



Parallel Flow Condenser Is Developed Based on The Finned-Tube Condenser

The Strengths of Parallel Flow Condenser
Parallel flow condenser is developed efficient heat exchanger after the finned-tube condenser 
1. Parallel Flow Condenser using aluminum alloy material, light weight, easy to shape and low cost, in the same frontal area, compared with the tube or finned-tube condenser, heat transfer efficiency has been greatly raise.
2.Due to the high heat transfer, light weight, compact structure of Parallel Flow Condenser, it has become the preferred type of car air conditioning condenser. 

12m Bus Air Conditioner Parallel Flow Condenser Design

Based on the model analysis and experimental studies. Taking larger 12 m passenger bus as its object studying the parallel flow condenser retrofit design. Parallel flow condenser have two parallel, single size 800mm*530mm*16mm. It has three processes: cooled, condensed and supercooled. And the original pipe (3 lined, 34 rows, 1350 mm length diameter of 7.94, positive delta arrangement), the volume of condenser core is reduced by 70%. Due to the use of parallel flow condensers adopts aluminum alloy material, its weight compared to the tube condensers use of copper tube significantly reduce. Condenser assembly 30kg weight reduction, volume is reduced by about 40%, filling refrigerant R134a reduction of 16% in volume.



In Guchen Bus Air Conditioning System Manufacturer

BD series bus ac compact with PD series bus air conditioner in the same model (such as the same cooling capacity of bus air conditioning units installs on the 12m bus, The only difference between them is the condenser, BD-06 bus air conditioner using copper tube condenser, and PD-07 bus aircon is parallel flow condenser.

Parallel Flow Condenser bus aircon VS Finned-tube Condenser in 12m Bus Air Conditioning

Parallel Flow Condenser VS Finned-tube Condenser in 12m Bus Air Conditioning

12mbus air conditioner 







Finned-tube Condenser

Parallel Flow Condenser




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