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Chinese Bus and Coach Export Market Analysis in 2013

May 28, 2015
According to the survey, the export of Chinese bus was keeping go up in 2013, the total export volume was 166,200 units, year-on-year growth 32.25%, which was increased by 10.14% than last year. But the export value of single bus was only 1.79$, which was decreased 1698$ than last year.

According to the varieties segmentation, the export volume of small-size bus (less than 9 seats) was still the maximum, which was 103,100 units, year-on-year growth 44.79%, it was accounted for 62.03% of the bus total export volume, the share was increased by 5.39% than last year.

The exports of Large-size bus and Medium-light-size bus was also kept stably increasing, the total export volume was respectively 18,400 and 44,700 units, year-on-year growth was respectively 6.94% and 19.94%.

In 2013, the total export volume of passenger car, truck and bus was 876,200 units, which was accounted for 92.41% of the automobile total export volume.

In 2013, the top-ten destination countries of export volume are Algeria, Russia, Chile, Iran, Peru, Columbia, Egypt, Iraq, Uruguay, Ukraine, the export volumes are respectively 117,200 units,

90,300 units, 79,000 units, 51,700 units, 39,500 units, 37,500 units, 35,500 units, 33,500 units, 31,100 units and 30,900 units. Compared with last year, Algeria, Iran and Iraq are decreased a little fast, other countries are kept increasing a different degrees, especially Uruguay, Chile and Columbia is more obvious.
In 2013, the export volume of above ten countries are total 546,200 units, which was accounted for 57.61% of the bus total export volume.

Top ten countries analysis of chinese bus exported in 2013
Top ten countries  in 2013 Export amounts(unit:thousand) Ranking Total exports amount Ten countries account for automobile exports
Algeria 117.2 1 54.62 57.61%
Russia 90.3 2
Chile 79 3
Iran 51.7 4
Peru 39.5 5
Columbia 37.5 6
Egypt 35.5 7
Iraq 33.5 8
Uruguay 31.1 9
Ukraine 30.9 10

Besides, the survey shows that the export value of bus spare parts are also stably increasing in 2013.

The export value in 2013 is 59,821,000,000$, year-on-year growth 8.13%, the growth rate is increased by 2.14% than last year, and it is accounted for 76.28% of automobile goods total export volume, the share is increased by 1.97% than last year.  
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