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New Energy Vehicles Battery Thermal Management
Guchen Battery Thermal Management System

Battery Thermal Management-8kw water-cooling unit

Refrigerating output:
Box color:
Black / silver

Battery Thermal Management: Introduction to the 8kW Water Cooling Unit

8kW Water Cooling Unit for Battery Thermal Management

The 8kW water cooling unit for battery thermal management is an independent, modular system specifically developed for power battery packs requiring up to 8kW of cooling capacity. This versatile unit can be applied to various new energy vehicles, including heavy trucks and large buses, given adequate space.
Key Features:
- Modular Independence: Designed as a standalone unit for easy integration across different vehicle models.
- 8kW Cooling Capacity: Tailored to meet the cooling demands of power battery packs needing up to 8kW of cooling.
- Liquid Cooling:This method offers higher heat dissipation efficiency, allowing the heat generated by the device to be carried away faster. Liquid cooling technology reduces the battery's temperature more efficiently, improving its performance and lifespan. Compared to the noise generated by a fan, the noise of liquid cooling is much lower.

GUCHEN This water cooling unit for battery thermal management is engineered to enhance the reliability, performance, and longevity of new energy vehicles by maintaining optimal battery temperatures.

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8kw Battery Thermal Management Unit Working Mode

★Refrigeration method: Uses rotary DC variable frequency compression refrigeration. The coolant is cooled via plate exchange and circulated by an electronic water pump to cool the battery, effectively managing high temperatures from charging and discharging.
★Self-circulation mode: The compressor does not start, and the electronic water pump drives the coolant circulation to meet the battery cooling requirements with a lower thermal load.
★Control strategy: The controller connects to the BMS via CAN communication to receive and analyze its messages. Based on the analyzed parameters and built-in strategy, it controls the compressor and adjusts the fan and water pump speeds via PWM. The controller also uploads its status to the BMS to meet battery thermal management requirements.

8KW Battery thermal management system technical parameters

Model NB231201
Working Temperature -15-60℃
Net weight of single unit ≤55kg (without coolant)
Coolant 50% ethylene glycol/water solution
Overall Dimension l853*w577*h285
Rated input power ≤3.5kW
Noise ≤78dB
Waterproof grade The whole machine meets IP27, and the high-voltage part meets IP67.
Flame retardant grade Horizontal combustion HB grade, vertical combustion V-0 grade
Insulation voltage 1000VDC
Insulation resistance >100MΩ
Cooling Capacity 8.0kW
Piping interface Outlet: O.D. 25mm, Return: O.D. 25mm
Refrigerant Circuit Refrigerant R134a
Compressor Electric compressor, adjustable speed control
Condenser Parallel flow
Electronic fan PWM control, adjustable power, Pmax≤ 300W (single fan)
Plate heat exchanger Stainless steel plate heat exchanger
Throttling device Thermal expansion valve
System pressure resistance 4.5MPa
Temperature sensor Sensors Thermistors
Measuring range Outgoing and incoming water -10~105℃
   Measuring range Ambient temperature -40~105°C   
 Measuring range  Exhaust temperature -40~150°C     
Control Precision  ≦±1℃
Controller Chip GD32F105、Pmax≤15W
Communication Protocol CAN2.0
Baud rate 250/500
Case color Black/Silver
High voltage power supply (working voltage) DC400~750V
Low-voltage power supply (working voltage) DC18~32V
Coolant Circuit Coolant 50% ethylene glycol aqueous solution (1:1 volume ratio)
Pipe material CU
Pipe connection type Clamp
Pressure resistance of pipeline ≥5bar
Pipe outer diameter Unit side 25mm
Electronic water pump Lift ≥20m, rated power 240W

Unique design of battery thermal management system

One function and three modes
Battery thermal management system is mainly composed of water pump, compressor, plate exchange, expansion valve, condensing fan, condenser, four-in-one module, high-voltage wiring harness, low-voltage wiring harness, controller, temperature sensor and other components.
The system has one function three modes, one function for cooling the battery. The three modes are shutdown mode, self-circulation mode, and cooling mode.

The switching of the three modes of the unit is controlled by the BMS of the vehicle, and the following is the working status of the main components in the three modes:
◆ Shutdown mode: the system is in standby mode.
◆ Cooling mode: water pump on, fan on, compressor on;
◆ Self-circulation mode: water pump on, fan off, compressor off.
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