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battery thermal management
BTM system
battery pack cooling system

GCB Series Independent Battery Thermal Management System

Cooling Capacity:
HV power supply:
PTC heater

Introduction of GCB series battery thermal management system

It is an Independent BTMS with major function to keep the battery temperature within its nominal operating temperature.
The BTM system consists of an electric scroll ac compressor, Danfoss heat exchanger, SPAL brushless fan and quality water pump. It can efficiently dissipate heat from the battery pack. The BTMS is designed to meet the high-temperature compatible requirements of electronic components, and can maintain a constant temperature inside the battery cabinet by controlling the airflow between batteries.

Standard Configuration of GCB series Battery Pack Cooling System

◆ CAN2.0 communication. ◆ PTC water heater (6-14kw) is optional. ◆ There are four essential "work modes": standby mode, cooling mode, heating, and cycle mode.
◆ It is a liquid cooling system. ◆ Different models of battery thermal management systems offer different ranges of capacity. 3 Models are available with a cooling capacity range of 3kw to 8kw for your needs.
◆ Fault self-diagnosis function. ◆ Power data real-time upload. ◆ Meeting EMC compliance requirements

Technical Parameters of Guchen BTMS for Electric Bus

Product model GCB-050C GCB-080C GCB-095C GCB-135C
Refrigerating capacity 5KW 8KW 9.5KW 13.5KW
Minimum inlet water temperature 10 10 10 10
Condensing air volume,m³/h 2000 4000 4000 6000
Pump head,m 12 24 24 24
Coolant Glycol Glycol Glycol Glycol
High voltage range DC350-750V or 250-450V DC350-750 or 250-450V DC350-750V or 250-450V DC350-750V or 250-450V
Cryogen R134a R407c R407c R407c

More Details of Guchen BTM System

Why is Battery Thermal Management System a Necessity in Electric Bus?
The battery is one of the most important components of an electric vehicle, and it needs to be protected from overcharging and overheating.
The goal of a battery thermal management system is to keep the temperature of the battery pack at an optimal level for charging, discharging and storage. When properly installed, this system will help extend the life of electric bus batteries by reducing wear and tear on the cells caused by heat.
This is especially important 1) when charging electric city bus overnight, and 2) when the electric bus is driven in hot weather or under load for extended periods of time, as high temperatures will damage the batteries faster than anything else. The best way to prevent this is by installing a high-quality battery cooling system that can protect the battery packs from extreme temperatures.
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