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Guchen 12V/24V Parking Truck AC, Best Option to Improve Truck Driver Health & Safe Environment

Jul 10, 2020
It’s a matter of Duty of Care to Cool the Air.
All companies have a duty of care to all drivers under their employment.

In the logistic industry, the fitness of drivers is one of the biggest contributors to road safety, especially in long haul truck driving. It’s the truck companies’ responsibility to improve driving conditions, to take action and to create a healthier environment for the truck drivers.

truck stop

Among the health risk factors affecting truck drivers, sleep deprivation is a key challenge for those who drive long distances.
It was reported that sleepiness contributes to-
40% of road fatalities in South Africa and with-
33% of road accidents in Australia,
20% in UK,
10% in France,
6% in the United States.

How to Ensure Truck Drivers Get Enough Rest?
Most long-haul truckers call their truck home and it should be a safe, secure and comfortable environment.
The sleeper cabins behind the driver seat have some of the things you would find at home. Lighting, radios and even microwave ovens.
But is that enough?
battery operated air conditioner

In the hot summer months when the temperatures are high, the chance to get a Good Sleep day or night without the need for fans and to keep the windows open to allow air circulation are slim.
You have a duty of care to your drivers to make sure that when they sleep they feel safe and secure with the windows and doors closed to stop intruders.
You need to give them an environment to rest and sleep in, that creates a comfortable and stress-free zone in there sleeper cabins.. .

It’s time to invest in battery powered air conditioner.
A battery operated air conditioner that keeps the cab cool when parked.
Our sales data shows that in the past few years, more and more companies are fulfilling their duty of care to all drivers under their employment, and are coming to us to ask us about the installation of our battery powered air conditioner on their trucks.
A Brazilian client has sent Guchen Industry an inquiry:
“We are a big logistic company to research the best options available, to deliver a Parking Truck AC, to improve truck driver health and safe environment. Brazil is a continental size country with wide temperature range going from 5 degrees centigrade in the South to 45 degrees in the middle West and North regions. I´ll like to kindly ask you for more technical information regarding your several different products considering electrical consumption curve x temperature variation and battery time between charges”
From this inquiry, it is not hard for us to learn that this logistic company is looking very carefully at its Duty of Care to provide that safe and stress-free zone.
The request to Guchen truck aircon demonstrates that we are a leading provider for all truck and logistic companies around the globe..

truck parking cooler

Why is a Battery powered Truck Air Conditioning a must?

◆ The Truck parking cooler is a 12V/24V DC unit.
◆ It provides the driver a comfortable conditioned environment to relax and sleep in.
◆ It complies with the idling laws as it runs from the truck battery.
◆ Its save’s fuel and reduces emissions, as there is no need to run the truck engine to cool the cab.
◆ It protects the driver and the goods in transit, as the cab can be secured with door and windows closed.
◆ It save you money in the long term and it help you retain skilled drivers with you showing that Duty of Care.

So where else can the Battery powered Air Conditioning system be used?

These great 12V/24V parking AC units  can also be installed on

● Vans
● Minibuses
● Tractors
● Sprayers
● Diggers
● Cranes
● Portable Cabin
● Welfare Cabins.
● Portable security huts (with a DC supply)
● Specialised vehicles including security.
● Caravans and motor homes.
● Market vans
● Mobile medical units.
Its versatility makes it the obvious choice for Battery powered air conditioning systems so think battery powered air-conditioning and then think of Guchen – It’s our Duty Of Care to Cool Your Air.
12v truck air conditioner

Customers always have a wide variety of product requirements. Guchen parking truck air conditioners can satisfy almost all of the demands:
◆ “Hello I want a some information for a parking truck air conditioner for a Volvo fh 420 /2002 year . I want to know the price and does it possible to sand to Canada”
◆ “Would like to self install 12volt parking AC unit on top my 1989 Chevy Sport Van for camping, day use@ parks etc. Thank you”
◆ “We are a company based in Mexico, we are looking for a 12 volt tractor air conditioner for our forklift, we need 15 units, please, What model do you propose for the forklifts, and what is your best FOB price”
◆ “I would like to inquire if the 12V parking Truck Air conditioner is suitable for an agricultural sprayer unit (Farmco)? The Farmco is attached to a tractor and we have powered its air conditioning system by a hydraulic motor. Since we are having recurring problems with the hydraulic, we would like to switch to a DC electric air conditioner. How much will it cost? kindly also include freight charges”

So no matter what your requirement is, just drop me a line!!!
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