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battery chiller for electric bus
battery thermal management for electric city bus

GCED Series Independent Battery Chiller for E-Bus

Cooling Capacity:
HV power supply:
PTC heater

Introduction of GCED series Independent BTM System

With the development of electric bus, the battery has become an important component that determines the life of electric buses. The battery thermal management system (BTMS) is one of the key technologies for ensuring the safety and reliability of electric buses.

Optimises battery efficiency and life: Guchen GCED series Independent battery chiller can protect the electric bus battery from overheating. It can effectively reduce the temperature inside the battery, which ensures that the battery can work normally, effectively prolonging its service life. It also protects against cold temperatures, which can adversely affect performance and lifespan.

Product Advantages of Guchen GCED Series Battery Chiller

The BTMS also features an intelligent monitoring system that can detect abnormal situations such as overheating or overcharging as well as abnormal vehicle operation.
The system will not only protect the battery from overheating by regulating its temperature but also prevent any damage to the battery cells. This will allow it to reach its full potential and last longer than expected.
The BTMS is integrated with the control system of electric bus. The communication between the BTMS and other systems of electric buses is through CAN BUS protocol.

Technical Parameters of Guchen GCED Series BTMS for Electric Bus

Model GCED-03 GCED-04
Cooling capacity 8kw 13kw
HP power supply DC400V-DC750 V DC400V-DC750 V
LP power supply DC24V(18V-30V) DC24V(18V-30V)
Weight 85kg 90kg
Size(mm) LxWxH 1300*1920*256 1300*1920*256
Control power DC24V on/off signal
LP power source DC-DC(standard configuration)
Pump/Pipe As per customer requirement
Refrigerant R407c
Coolant 50%VV Ethylene glycol aqueous solution
Protection level IP54


More Details of Guchen GCED Series Independent Battery Chiller

Guchen Battery Chiller Consists of:
The BTMS consists of several parts, including a sensor unit, a control unit and an air conditioner. The sensor unit detects temperature changes in each battery cell or group of cells and transmits data to the control unit. The control unit regulates cooling fan speed according to actual conditions so as to maintain a constant temperature inside each battery. These functions are realized by using multi-channel PID controllers that are used for thermal management systems in electric vehicle industry.
OEM & ODM Service
As a leading manufacturer of electric bus air conditioner products, Guchen Air Conditioner has accumulated rich experience in designing, developing and manufacturing electric vehicle Battery thermal management systems for many years. We also provide OEM services for bus & coach manufacturers all over the world.
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