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Guchen Paid More Attention On All-Electric Bus Conditioner

Dec 03, 2015


In September, 2015, Yutong produced approximate 2,000 units new energy buses/coaches. From January to September in 2015, the company sold out over 10,000 units new energy buses, includes all-electric bus, plug-in hybrid buses. The estimated overall production volume of eco-friendly buses will reach 13,600 sets in 2015.

Lately, Yutong pubished a wide range of new energy eco-friendly buses, covering plug-in hybrid buses from 10~18 meter length and all-electric bus from 6~12 meter length. In China, Yutong holds fourty percent of the plug-in hybrid bus market while the market share of all-electric bus has exceeded 20% in whole China market. Depend on advanced technology in bus/coaches batteries and breakthrough in light weight sector, the majority of Yutong all-electric buses are capable of running continuously over two hundred kilometer.

bus air conditioner

Along with Yutong good figure of new energy buses, includes both all-electric bus market and plug-in hybrid bus market, Guchen also got a sales of all-electric bus air conditioners, mostly are:
Model Power consumption Cooling capacity Heating capacity Input voltage Application
ED-03 5KW 14KW 13KW DC450V~700V 6~7m all-electric bus. I.e. Yutong E7
ES-04 6.5KW 21KW 20KW DC450V~700V 7~8.5m all-electric bus. I.e. Temsa 9 meter all-electric bus.
ES-05 8KW 26KW 24KW DC450V~700V 8.5~9m all-electric bus.
ES-06 10KW 32KW 30KW DC450V~700V 10~12m all-electric bus.

All these new energy bus air conditioning models are compact design, double return air grille, more shorter, more lighter, more eco-friendly, can welly fit the requirement of new energy buses in global market.

Now, apart from the China market, Guchen already marketed its all-electric bus air conditioners to East Europe, Asia, Latam market, i.e. Solaris, Temsa, Hong Kong Tramway, we are proud of all of this and believe we can do better and more for customers.
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