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Complete Electric Refrigerator Solution for Small Vans

Dec 11, 2020
 One of today’s inquiry:
“I want to know more about your electric refrigerator. You have the complete solution right? I need 2 units electric chiller units for small van. Required temp.: 2 to 8, not freezer. “

Small chiller van is a more effective alternative if you only need to transport a short distance. These vans are mainly used for products that only have to be kept cool like flowers, beverages, baked foods etc.
electric van chiller for small van

What Type of Refrigeration System is Best for Small Chiller Van?

When it comes to choosing a chiller unit for your van, we need to know clearly about the dominant features of short-distance small van delivery when compared with long-distance ones.
◆ Different with large refrigerated trucks, small van is short-distance multidrop refrigerated vehicle, which means cargoes are delivered to different points. Small van transports usually imply multiple door openings.
Direct drive van chiller unit is not recommended to use on small chiller van as it only runs when the van does. Once the van stops, it will stops cooling. For multidrop refrigerated van, a continuous cooling system is needed. Here, we would like to recommend electric van chiller unit. An electric chiller unit is able to provide consistent temperature to your cargoes. It has excellent provided temperature stability, being a great alternative for small chiller vans.

◆ Small delivery van is with less storage space, usually 2-8 cubic meters. Hence, it requires a rather small cooling capacity.
TR-110D DC powered chiller system is with a cooling capacity of 3,750 BTU. It will perfectly satisfy the basic chilling requirements of small van for transporting all kinds of fresh products.

TR-110d electric van chiller unit

More information on TR-110D for Small Chiller Van

Guchen TR-110D has a wide range of controllable temperatures, from -5℃~25℃. Powered by DC12V/24V, it provides constant reliability and precision. Besides that, TR-110D chiller unit can also be equipped with transformer (for long period parking).
Its compact thin evaporator requires less space in installation, an ideal system for fresh applications on small vans. The slim design increases payload space, especially in such a small van body.
There is another plus - More-environmentally-friendly: The electric van chiller system is powered by the vehicle’s 12v/24v battery pack, minimizing harm to the environment. The zero-emission chiller system is quiet and more affordable than direct drive refrigeration unit.
Model  TR-110D
Temperature rating in container  -5℃~+25℃ (Fresh)
Cooling capacity W 1100(0℃)
Kcal 950(0℃)
Btu 3750(0℃)
Volume of container (m³) 2~7 (-5℃)
Voltage & Total Current  DC12V(55A) 
Compressor YM15 (15cc/r)
Refrigerant R134a 1.1~1.2Kg
Dimensions  Evaporator 510mm×600mm×138mm
Condenser 865mm×700mm×185mm
tr-110d DC van chiller


For more information on the complete chiller solution for your small vans, fill out the form below. Guchen team will reach out to you shortly to provide more information about the exact details of TR-110D DC van chiller unit (prices etc.)
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