What Truck Reefer Units are Suitable for Long-distance Transport?


The engine stops, but the cooling continues!
                                            ----- The Advantage of Diesel Engine Driven Units for Trucks

TS-1000 diesel powered refrigeration units for trucks

Photo: TS-1000 diesel powered refrigeration units for trucks

Why Choose Diesel Powered Refrigeration Units for Trucks?

It is known to us all that most of the truck refrigeration units are direct vehicle engine driven type, which rely on the vehicles engine a lot. That is to say, once the vehicles anchor on half road, the cargoes in the refrigerated trucks may spoil. So it is very disadvantageous for long-distance transportation.

Now besides the vehicle engine driven types, the diesel powered refrigeration units for trucks can help a lot. It is also called as “dependent truck refrigeration units”. As its name says, the reefer units don’t rely on trucks engine to freeze. It has its own dependent power supply system. So once the trucks are broken on the half road, the cooling is continuous.

What Guchen Can Supply? 

Guchen Industry as the truck refrigeration units supplier can supply TS-700, TS-1000 and TS-1200 diesel powered refrigeration units for trucks, which can be used for 25m³-65m³refrigerated truck bodies, and temperature ranges from -20℃ to +30℃.

So for your cargos safe and decrease the loss to zero, why not install the dependent truck refrigeration units?

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