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c-300t rooftop van chiller unit
c-300t van chiller condenser
c-300t evaporator unit
c-300t control panel

C-300T Direct Drive Van Chiller Units

Driven by:
Vehicle's engine
Rooftop mounted condenser
10~18m³cargo van
Heating, Electric Standby

C-300T Chiller Units for 10~18m³ Delivery Vans

The chiller unit in a commercial van can often be the most essential device in the vehicle. The quality of the van chiller unit will directly determine that of your vehicle’s products, especially for fresh food transporting.

The commercial van chiller units are
1) vehicle engine direct driven type
2) rooftop mounted system.
It can be installed on almost all cargo vans which have a capacity ranging from 10 to 18 cubic meters. C-300T van chiller systems have been innovative designed, well tested and qualified manufactured. With Guchen C-300T unit, you can rest assured that your cargo van will be well-maintained with top quality customer service.

Technical Data of C-300T Large Van Chiller Systems

Model C-300T
 Cooling Capacity Temperature  Watt Btu
 Ambient +38℃ (100℉) Road 0℃  2700 9210
 Airflow Volume  1050m³/h
 Temp. Range  -5℃ - +30℃
 Refrigerant  R134a/1.4kg
 Compressor Model  DY5H14
Displacement 138cc/r
 Defrost Function  Hot gas defrosting (auto & manual)
 Dimensions & Weight Condenser 880*865*210mm/24kg
Evaporator 850*550*175mm/16kg
 Recommend Box Volume  15m³at 0℃

Best Quality C-300T Cargo Van Chiller Units for sale at Guchen Industry

Top Picks
Our sales date shows that there were more and more customers that choose to buy C-300T van chiller in the past few years. With competitive prices and great effectiveness, Guchen C-300T system emerged as the best alternative, a deserved-to-buy chiller unit for vans.

◆ Powered by the vehicle’s engine. The direct drive van chiller delivers the dependability needed to deliver the fresh products efficiently. With this feature, our van chiller unit becomes a more reliable delivery vehicle;

◆ Compact and exclusive design (Extra slim evaporator) for medium to large delivery van (-5℃) to keep fresh;

c-300t van chiller with slim evaporator design

◆ Reliable cooling performance to stand against hot climate condition;

◆ Option
--Stand By System (220V/240V/380V/400V)
--Heating System
Contact Guchen Team to Get Free Quotation on C-300T Van Chiller Unit
If you
◆ are interested in a chiller unit to be installed on your ford transit/Nissan NV/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter/Chevrolet Express/RAM Promaster van;
◆ are looking for a cost effective way to cool your fresh products;
◆ want to sell Guchen chiller and freezer products in your local market;
please feel free to
mail us at

Our professional overseas sales team will send you the price and specification ASAP!

c-300t rooftop mounted van chiller
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If you have any questions relating to refrigerated truck/vans, LCV (light commercial vehicles) refrigeration system, please feel free to directly mail to Guchen Industry would be glad to provide you the best solutions.

Video of Guchen C-300T Cargo Van Chiller Unit

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