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TR-350T Van Refrigeration Units

  • Product Name: • Van Refrigeration Units TR-350T
  • Driven Type: • Vehicle Engine Driven
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Compressor: • QP16/163cc
  • Controller: • Digital, In Cab
  • Refrigerant: • R404a

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Description of TR-350T Refrigeration Units for Vans
TR-350T refrigeration units for vans, which are driven by the vehicle’s engine directly, and could meet transportation cooling cargo’s requirement of Sprinter, Ford, Fiat, Renault, Iveco, VW, Toyota etc. They are suitable for its refrigerated van box volume of 15~25m³. The TR-350T van refrigeration units with the powerful cooling capacity, ensuring the safety of the cargo, even under the high temperatures or frequently open the door, TR-350T van freezer units still have a good cooling performance, 
TR-350T refrigeration units for vans mainly installed on the rooftop of the commercial refrigerated vans.
If the volume of your refrigerated vans boy up to 10-15m³, advised that choosing the TR-200T van refrigeration units.
If it is 6~12m³, choosing TR-180T units.
As the leading refrigeration units for vans supplier in China, Guchen Industry also supplying the frond-mounted TR-350 truck refrigeration units with the same cooling capacity 3815W, 4437Kal/h, 13020BTU (0℃/+32℉); 2260W, 2628 Kal/h, 7710BTU (-18℃/ 0℉).

Main Features of TR-350T Refrigeration Units for Vans:
● The condenser uses streamlines design and fashionable appearance.
● Super-thin design evaporator, will save much more space for the refrigerated van box 
● High air volume, good efficiency, keep the quality of the goods in the box.
● Easy to install, more convenient maintenance, and saving a lot of operating costs.
● Robust construction and shock proof protection allow for extended the service life of van refrigeration units.
● The housing adopts corrosion resistant fiberglass, easy clean.
Temperature range regulate from -30 ℃ to + 30 ℃
● Top brand key parts: San den, Zexel, Dan foss, Spal, Good year, etc
● International certifications CE/ISO9001/TS16949CE/ATP, etc.
 Refrigeration Units for Vans Structurer
Standard Configuration of Van Freezer Units
● R404A Eco-friendly refrigerant
● Multi-function controller with microprocessor control system
● Hot gas defrosting system(Auto/Manual)
● 12V/24V operating voltage
● Optional: electric standby ,Heating
Safety Devices of Van Refrigeration Units
● Emergency switch protection device
● Thermal Protection Device
● HP/LP protection device of the cooling system
Service For TR-350T Refrigeration Systems for Vans
1. GUCHEN Providing the complete solution for your commercial refrigerated vans, has an in-house design team & state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
2. Specialist experience to provide the correct solution for your each unique requirements
3. Superior quality at a competitive price with no-nonsense warranty policy. (12 Months Warranty for the whole units. After the delivery)

TR-350T van refrigeration system
How to select a right refrigeration units for vans/trucks from GUCHEN Industry models?
When you are considering purchase the van refrigeration unit, here are questions that the company will need to know when you prepare to order from Guchen Industry.
Q:  What is Your Vehicle, Cargo Van or Truck?
A: If your vehicles are van, we will help you recommend suitable van refrigeration unit.
If your vehicle is truck,we will help you recommend the suitable truck refrigeration units, choosing suitable rooftop mounted units or front mounted units according to your vehicle’s appearance.
Q: What dimension of your vehicle is?
A: Your vehicle container volume, such as the refrigerated body’s length, width, high.  
Q: What is the primary product I will be transporting in my refrigerated van?
A: Transport the cargo's temperature is the key factor to select a suitable refrigeration units for vans & trucks, which need different requirements. Such as, transporting dairy products in your refrigerated van requires different cooling capacity compare with transporting fresh seafood, also need select the different refrigeration units for vans.

Q: Will i need electric standby to keep my product's temperature consistent overnight inside the refrigerated truck?
A: Do you remove your product from your refrigerated van every night or do you need to keep the product inside the van?  Electric standby lets you connect the refrigeration unit to an outlet for power during stopovers and overnight.
Q: What about the quality of Guchen Industry’s Refrigeration units for vans 
A: Guchen Industry is a specialized refrigeration units for vans manufacturer in China, the product with high quality, high-performance, 12 mounts warranty in the global market, Extended warranty for all transport refrigeration units, parts is optional.



Temperature Range(In Container)

-18℃ ~ +30℃ / 0℉ ~ +86℉

Cooling Capacity


3815W / Kcal/h / BTU

-18℃/ 0℉

2260W /Kcal/h / BTU










Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube




890×865×235 mm





Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

Air Flow



1105×649×230 mm


17 kg


DC12V / DC24V


R404a/1.2 kg


Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)

Total Weight




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