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Bakkie Refrigeration Unit

Jun 23, 2021
In South Africa, Refrigerated Bakkie are perfect for refrigeration of frozen meat, all fresh products, vaccines and other medications. The logistics of refrigerated bakkie transportation can prove costly if proper refrigeration units are not selected. Especially for vaccines transport which has a strict demands on temperature, quality refrigeration unit is a must.
In the post, Guchen Industry will introduce the top 3 best selling bakkie refrigeration units for all bakkie manufacturers.
tr-300 bakkie refrigeration units

TR-300 Bakkie Refrigeration Units

It is a brand new direct drive refrigeration units specifically designed for small-sized bakkie with box volume up to 20m³. The unit is front mounted refrigeration system with slim evaporator design to allow extra loading.
The use of TR-300 bakkie refrigeration units has many advantages mainly related to its safety in transportation and storage.
◆ Improved system design: TR-300 units are designed with the highest levels of security to protect the safety of both the reefer unit and the products. Our multiple safety protection devices include HP (high pressure) & LP (low pressure) switch, emergency switch protection, thermal protection guard etc. To a great extent, the different safety devices reduce safety risks and safeguard refrigeration system on the bakkie.
◆ Perfectly functioning with quality parts: TR-300 bakkie refrigeration unit consists of copper pipe, Spal evaporator fan, cooling fin, Codan hose pipe, BRT exhaust sensor, Thermostat, QP compressor, Hansun pressure switch, Condenser fan, Danfoss filter drier, Castel magnetic valve, reservoir, Danfoss CPR valve, Danfoss expansion valve etc. The quality spare parts make TR-300 a standard and effective refrigeration unit available for all bakkie.

tr-350 bakkie reefer unit


TR-350 Bakkie Truck Freezer Unit

It is best suited for mid-sized bakkie (Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux etc.), box volume up to 25m³, for the transportation of fresh or frozen goods in South Africa. Guchen TR-350 model is with operational reliability demonstrating unique versatility for bakkie trucks/pickup trucks.
Cooling Capacity Road/Standby Temperature Watt Btu
On the Road 0℃ 3815 13000
-18℃ 2260 7700

If you would like to retrofit bakkie into cost-effective reefer vehicles and directly sell them to end users, TR-350 freezer units are the best selection because they offer simple and rapid installation, easier for all owners to convert truck, van, or pickup into refrigerated vehicles.
Featuring R404A refrigerant, TR-350 bakkie refrigeration unit offers a wide range of capacities covering temperature from -30℃ to +30℃. Its super cooling capacity promises the safety of the transporting cargo.
With effective and reliable bakkie refrigeration units, Guchen Thermo is the perfect candidate for cold chain logistics looking to maximize their refrigerated transportation efficiency.
Tips: If you want to increase the refrigeration unit life, optimize its performance and keep the cargo safe, please do keep your system properly maintained.

tr-450 bakkie refrigeration unit for sale


TR-450 Bakkie Truck Refrigeration Unit

TR-450 refrigeration unit is a well-designed compact system for your bakkie with box volume up to 30m³. It is small in size, light in weight and fuel saving, being widely available for medium distance frozen items deliveries in South Africa.
◆ Electric standby: Never underestimate the amount of bakkie refrigeration unit diesel engine idling. The electric standby TR-450S unit reduces total diesel engine run time, by being plugged into 240V/380V power port. It is an effective TRU for bakkie fleet manager to cut the fuel costs and maintenance cost.
◆ Remote display and control: The in-cab remote display & control let drivers to read and control at distance the controller temperature, designed for optimal set and precisely adjust the bakkie refrigeration unit.

Guchen Refrigeration Units for Your Refrigerated Bakkie Needs
With our comprehensive range of bakkie freezer units to choose from, bakkie manufacturers can rest assured that you will get the most professional technical guide. We can provide a range of truck refrigeration units designed to satisfy your different transport needs.
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