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How-to Tips on Converting Van to Refrigerated Vehicle

Sep 17, 2020
Are you thinking about doing refrigerated transport business, but confused about where to start? Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to convert your van, truck to refrigerated vehicles? Guchen Industry has got you covered.

Here you will find tips on how to carrying out your very own D.I.Y reefer van conversion. You will get the detailed conversion process and conversion kit, to convert your model of truck and van into a professional-grade refrigerated vehicles with as less money as possible.

How to Convert a Regular Van into a Reefer Van?

Easy Conversion, Two Steps.

Step 1: Insulation

Thin metal walls in an ordinary van transfer heat easily. If you are in extremely hot climates and wanna convert a refrigerated van on your own, van insulation will be the first process.
Good insulation is paramount for temperature controlling. A well insulated van push you forward to the successful reefer van conversion. It will make your van a more ideal vehicle to transport refrigerated products.

Generally, there are two optional materials used in a refrigerated van conversion;

1) Insulating boards
Polystyrene van insulation
Some people use extruded polystyrene insulating boards when they do the conversion on their own. The material has an exceptional ability to insulate against extreme temperatures. The low thermal conductivity feature makes it a first choice for D.I.Y refrigerated van. It usually takes one or several days to finish the whole installation process.
Do extremely careful to cover every inch of the van with the insulating materials. This is because any gaps would cause the outside atmosphere to get into the compartment.
You can see related video here:

Foil insulation is a widely used material in reefer van conversions, but it is not recommended to use it in high ambient environments, because it would not be effective enough at stopping the transfer of heat.

2) Insulating boxes
refrigerated van conversion refrigerated van conversion kit

The use of a well-insulated box is the easiest and most time-saving way to convert ordinary van to refrigerated van. It’s fully customizable, flexible, affordable and reliable. The insulating system stops any more heat from leaking in. Together with refrigerated van cooling system, they ensures that the temperature inside the converted van drops to refrigeration conditions.

Step 2: Refrigeration

A refrigeration unit is a must-have installation in the conversion of refrigerated vans/trucks. It determines whether the converted van will maintain the desired temperature correctly or not, especially in high ambient environments of up to 30° Celsius.
converted van refrigeration unit

Before you start installing a refrigeration system, you need to think about what products you will deliver, and their desired temperature-- chilling (+4 degrees C for chilling) or freezing (-25 degrees C for freezing etc.). Today’s vans come in a wide range of sizes (from 3m³ to 22m³). You are going to purchase the right refrigeration unit to satisfy the temperature required by the cargoes. Here is a list of van chiller and freezer systems with recommend box volume and temperature range.

--Chiller units for your converted van
Over the past 30 years, refrigeration technology has improved drastically, the newer Guchen models operate at a lower energy cost.
small converted van chiller refrigerated van chiller unit

--Freezer units
The effective operation of van freezer system is absolutely essential for the operation of the converted refrigerated van. Vans with freezer system can be used to deliver fresh, chilled or frozen products.
refrigerated van freezer TR-300T refrigerated van conversion freezer

The refrigeration system must be precisely calibrated for the specific type of van it is installed in, so DO contact to get the best conversion solution to suit your exact needs. Or you can send inquiry directly to tell us more about your vehicle requirements.

The insulation system and refrigeration mechanism are equally important. Together they make up the refrigeration system in a refrigerated van, and ensure safe transport of fresh, chilled and frozen products.

Our Clients' Inquiries on Van Conversion Reefer Units

◆ "Hello there, May I please get a quote for a reefer unit for a 16 foot cube van? I'm looking at doing a conversion and planning to insulate it. I am looking for temperatures around 4 degrees celsius for vegetable transportation.  Thank you!"

Guchen Industry can provide you with quality insulation system and cost-effective van refrigeration units, to accommodate varying and diverse user-specific needs, including electric standby and multi-temperature capability. Our customer case studies detail how we have helped people finish the refrigerated van conversions to suit their individual needs.
Our refrigerated van conversion kit is based on quality and convenience. It enables both refrigeration engineers and D.I.Y refrigerated van converters to build refrigerated vehicles easily and quickly.

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