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tr-450s electric standby refrigeration system
tr-450s integrated electric standby system
evaporator of tr-450s electric standby unit
tr-450s integrated electric standby units

TR-450S Integrated Electric Standby

Temp. range:
Control Voltage:
DC 12V/24V
Truck Box Volume:
Heating, Remote control functions
Guchen Thermo

Introduction of TR-450S Electric Standby

Electric standby refrigeration units have been widely used in refrigerated road transport nowadays.
Guchen Thermo TR-450S is a cost-effective electric standby, using an external electricity source (AC220V or AC380V) and electric motor to maintain the internal temperature of the refrigerated vehicles when it is parked for loading, unloading or staging.
Another advantage of TR-450S electric standby is that truck owners and fleet managers can expect to extend the life of their truck engine once the engine run-time is reduced.

TR-450s electric standby unit

TR-450S is designed to reduce the overall fuel consumption of a refrigerated vehicle (suitable for 18m³~25m³ refrigerated trailer or truck) by Guchen Industry. The unit is driven directly from the vehicle engine, but with electric standby power. It is an eco truck refrigeration system with substantial reductions in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Features of Guchen Thermo TR-450S Electric Standby Refrigeration Unit

With Guchen Thermo’s optional TR-450S electric standby system, allowing your refrigerated vehicle’s diesel engine to be switched off will not affect the normal operation of your truck refrigeration unit.
Guchen Thermo provides customized electric standby systems to further meet a wide array of customer needs. If you are looking for an electric standby system, here is the right place you can find the best solution, to fit your truck with energy-efficient electric standby unit.
TR-450S electric standby is a cost-effective alternative for the trucking industry. With TR-450S standby unit, you can easily park for loading or unloading and the transport refrigeration system will run steadily without requiring use of the diesel engine.

Technical Data of TR-450S Electric Standby Truck Units

Model TR-450S Integrated Electric Standby
Cooling Capacity Road/Standby Temperature Watt Btu
On the Road 0℃ 4735 16150
-20℃ 2420 8260
Electric Standby 0℃ 3915 13360
-20℃ 2020 6890
Airflow Volume 1830m³/h
Temp. range -30℃~+30℃
Refrigerant and volume R404A,1.8kg±10%
Defrost Automatic/Manual hot gas defrost
Control Voltage DC 12V/24V
Compressor Model and Displacement Road QP16/163cc
Electrical standby KX-48L/48cc
Condenser(with electrical standby) Dimension 1270*588*415mm
Weight 98kg
Evaporator Dimension 1080*619*200mm
Weight 23kg
Electric Standby Power AC 380V±10%,50Hz,3Phase; or AC 220V±10%,50Hz,1Phase
Recommend Box Volume 18~25m³
Optional Heating, Remote control functions

TR-450S Refrigerated Truck Electric Standby

Customer Enquiries
◆ “I am looking for just a standby system and not one that uses the vehicle engine, I only need to chill down to 5 degrees and the area is approx only 8 sq mts, so small. can you supply a 12v small system, thanks you”
◆ “Is there a price difference between the TR-450 and the TR-450S? If there is how much is it?”
◆ “Hi Sir, we are interested in your product model TR-550 and Diesel Engine unit TS-1200 (with standby and without standby) please sent the catalogue and best price for our reference.”
◆ “hello, I have trucks that need fitted with electric standby units and I need the c-300 for my big vans I need 4 of these. How do they work? I have to get the compressor to be attached to the engine”
tr-450s refrigerated truck electric standby for sale

Well-packaged TR-450S Refrigerated truck electric standby ready for shipping abroad

TR-450S electric standby reefer unit

TR-450S electric standby reefer unit Installed on Refrigerated Truck
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