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electric bus windshield defroster
High Voltage Electric Defroster

EDHO-01 Electric Bus Defroster | Heating Only

Heating Capacity
Evaporator Air Volume
High Voltage Range
DC 400-750V
Vehicle Length
6m-12m electric bus & coach

Introduction of EDHO-01 Electric Windshield Defroster

To improve the e-bus driver compartment heating, Guchen Industry designed EDHO-01 electric defroster to sufficiently heat the driver’s area, thus providing warm air to the driver in cold winter weather. Meanwhile, the drivers can also use the heating unit to handle defrost.
EDHO-01 high voltage defroster is powered by electricity. It is actually an auxiliary heater to keep drivers comfortable in cold weather, and to ensure adequate heating of the drive compartment.  Its outstanding performance improves the drivers thermal comfort, and enhance driving safety. Used by worldwide electric bus manufacturers.

Installation Case:
One of Guchen’s overseas customers has equipped all electric buses with EDHO-01 heating defroster to aid in keeping the interior of the driver cab warm during the cold days. It efficiently resolved most of the driver’s cold weather complaints. Besides that, the electric defroster delivers the heating performance needed to keep windshield free of frost, ice and snow.

The Main Features of Guchen High Voltage Electric Defroster are:

◆ Compact design. It allows simple installation and small occupation size under the driver seats.
◆ High thermal efficiency. EDHO-01 model is used for cabin heating and windshield defrosting. It is with improved heating performance. ◆ Safe operation. The electric defroster is integrated with over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection functions.
◆ It is popularly equipped on new energy vehicles (electric buses, coaches, city bus, school bus etc.), to greater extent for drive cabin heating.

EDHO-01 Electric Defroster Technical Parameters

Model EDHO-01
Function Heating and defrosting/defogging
Heating Capacity (KW) 5 (10%-100% adjustable)
Evaporator Air Volume 700m³/h (30% to 100% adjustable)
High Voltage Range DC 400-750V
Low Voltage DC 24V
Defroster Dimension L*W*H 489*186.5*406mm
Functional Mode Defrosting, Internal circulation, Mixing wind
Vehicle Length For 6m-12m electric city bus, trolleybus, coach, school bus etc.
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