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EDHC-02 Electric-Powered Defroster
electric bus windshield defroster
electric bus driver cab heater and cooler

EDHC-02 Electric-Powered Defroster | Heating and Cooling

Heating Power:
Cooling Power:
High Voltage Range:
DC 400-750V
Evaporator Air Volume:
6-12m electric vehicles

Introduction of EDHC-02 Electric-Powered Defroster

In cold winter days, electric bus applications should be equipped with a windshield defroster, to remove frost/fog from the window. Such defrosters are also used for sufficiently heating the bus driver’s cabin during winter weather.
Guchen EDHC-02 electric-powered defroster is dedicated designed to particularly control the climate of driver compartment. It is installed under the drivers seat, as a primary source of heat.
By making the defroster more energy-efficient, EDHC-02 is designed to allow drivers to adjust the heating capacity needed (3KW/5KW/8KW) in accordance with real-time requirement. Guchen electric defroster can meet the needs of different temperature heating scenarios.

EDHC-02 Electric Bus Defroster Features

Functions: The DC high voltage electric defroster can provide interior heating and cooling around the driver compartment; windshield defrosting / defogging.
Outstanding features: light-weight; high heating & cooling performance; optimum defrosting/demisting performance; intelligent and energy saving; integrated over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current protection strategy
Applications: EDHC-02 is suitable for battery electric commercial vehicles, such as pure electric bus, city bus, intercity bus, coach, trolleybus, school bus, tour bus etc.

EDHC-02 Electric Defroster Technical Parameters

Model EDHC-02
Application 1) Cooling and heating driver’s cabin of electric bus;
2) Windshield defrosting and defogging.
Heating Capacity (KW) 3/5/8KW (adjustable, depending on real-time requirement)
Cooling Capacity (KW) 5
Evaporator Air Volume 700m³/h (30% to 100% adjustable)
Refrigerant R407c
High Voltage Range DC 400-750V
Low Voltage DC 24V
Defroster Dimension L*W*H 569*257*538.5mm
Functional Mode Defrost, Blow head, Blow feet, Defrost blow feet, Blow heat feet, Fresh air
Vehicle Length For 6m-12m electric city bus, coach, school bus etc.

Heating & Cooling Unit for Driver in Electric Bus

Why is EDHC-02 Electric Defroster a Necessary Unit ?
On the one hand, due to the influence of the passenger door and the front windshield, the ambient temperature of the driver's area in winter and summer is far less comfortable than the rest of the interior of the e-bus, an electric-powered defroster should be equipped. Due to the small installation space, it requires that the defroster should have a higher performance.
On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the revival of the closed bus driver’s cab around the world. To protect the driver and simultaneously control the climate of the interior of the cab, an electric defroster is a must have, especially in times of Corona.
Guchen EDHC-02 pure electric defroster helps keep drivers warm during the colder months (heating function), and stay cool on hot-weather days (cooling function).
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