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Top 3 Best Low Power 12V Air Conditioners 2021

Jan 22, 2021
# Preview Product
1 ecooler2400 12v low power Guchen Ecooler2400 12V DC Rooftop Air Conditioner, 8200 BTU
2 Ecooler2600 DC 12V Ecooler2600 Split Type Truck Cab Cooling System, Custom Color Selections
3 ecooler3200 DC air conditioner Ecooler3200 Powerful DC Air Conditioner for Truck/ Van, 24V/ 12V Available

1. Guchen Super Quiet Ecooler2400 32kg DC 12 Volt Air Conditioner, 2400W

Color: Polar White, Rooftop mounted
Ex-factory price: Guchen is the standard brand for 12v rooftop AC units. We manufacture and export brand new battery powered air conditioners with the most affordable prices.
Extremely compact and small footprint: 27 x 23 x 10 inches, one-piece unit, space-saving and simple to keep your vehicle cold in hot summer days.
Installation: Installation of Guchen brand new Ecooler3200 AC system shouldn’t be a difficult procedure for all buyers. Guchen advises that you’d better read through the owner’s manual first.
manual operation of 12v air conditioner
Multi operation: remote control in combination with manual operation, enabling run constantly on hot days with energy-saving top picks. It is an excellent choice for truck/van owners.
What it consists of: Ecompressor, brush-less DC motor, brush-less evaporator blower and condenser fan, remote control.
What is it used for: Ford, Renault, IVECO etc vans; RV, tractor, construction machinery and truck cabs etc.
DC Air Conditioner for Truck
The advantages:
It is a very durable purchase. Guchen Industry designs the 12 volt air conditioners to be durable and high-performing so our customers can use them for a long time with confidence. All the cooler systems have went through durability test, noise & environment test, and shock resistance. Ecooler2400 will be a much better option for anyone who needs battery powered rooftop AC units for truck or van.

2. Ecooler2600 Truck Sleeper Cab Cooler, Back Wall Mounted

For OTR (over-the-road) drivers who spend most of their time driving, Guchen would recommend installing Ecooler2600 truck cab cooling system. The unit is with 2600W (8870BTU/2300Kcal/h) cooling capacity. 8870BTU is powerful enough to keep the truck cabin reasonably cool.
Application: it is designed for all trucks, construction machinery, tractor installations.
How does it work: Ecooler2600 works to keep truck cab/semi-truck cabin cool. It completes with Ecompressor, evaporator and thermostat controls, working the same as home air conditioner.
Installation: It is mounted at the back wall of truck sleeper cab, being a permanent install
truck sleeper cab cooler

Top Picks:
◆ It runs only when needed when the heavy duty truck parks for rest (vehicle engine turning off). The advanced auxiliary cab cooler system helps drivers reduce engine idling, thus reducing fuel consumption. It can be connected through your vehicle battery, and be extremely energy saving.
◆ It is much more affordable than the average air conditioning systems. Choosing Ecooler2600 can be a reasonable expense for truck fleets that are on a budget. Guchen Industry recommends the 12 volt air conditioner for trucks to maximize savings.

3. Ecooler3200 Battery Powered 12 Volt Anti-idling System

Battery power is most economical. Guchen’s Ecooler3200 system runs on 12-volt or 24-volt power from the vehicle’s battery. It is a split system with an external condensing unit, and is designed to deliver11,000 BTU of cooling capacity per hour.
Product weight: 35kg
Appearance: the aesthetics will determine customer’s decision. Guchen Ecooler3200 units are designed to be attractive.
Condenser dimension: 885mm x 710mm x 290mm
Heating: Heating is optional, to provide cab warmth in winder.
Your purchase includes one condenser with 1400m³/h fan air volume, one evaporator with 700m³/h blower air volume, owner’s manual, and one remote control.
12 Volt Anti-idling System
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